By Kebba Mamburay

Mr. Ceesay, Muhammed’s father, a religiously inclined individual and Islamic Scholar who left his village Karantaba for Syria to study Islamic Religion for seven years thereabout.

Muhammed added that after his father’s course, he returned to the community, where he tried to spread Islamic religion to members of the same community. Unfortunately, he was not accepted as a member of the community and his religious belief. They claimed that he does not belong to the community and has no right to owe a piece of land in the community. Some of the villagers agreed that his grandfather came here and certainly became Imam of the community.

Subsequently, however, this situation escalated to religious hatred and land dispute. Apparently:

Some of his lands for agricultural purpose were seized. His animals were slaughtered in large numbers. – Cows, sheep, goats etc. Family members were threatened. Stones were thrown at his house. Dead animals were buried in his property.(sign of Africans’ spell for doom)

Subsequently, according to Muhammed, the village head tries to intervene but to no avail. In the event that follows, Muhammed’s mother died mysteriously. Apparently the situation became deadly. Eventually, the family moved to the city to avoid further escalation of the trouble and more deaths in the family.

While in the city, the situation got worsen day in, day out. Young Muhammed and his siblings lived in constant fear of religion hatred attack. And so, Muhammed decided to flee the country for his safety.

Finally, Muhammed expounded that he cannot return to his country because it’s no longer safe for him. Thereof, he will stay abroad for now until situations become eased.
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