Hi Pa,

A vacancy was announced at Banjul city Council BCC few days ago on different newspapers, I was interested but needed further clarification from council so I went there to find more details on the advertised post “Deputy CEO” to my surprise I found one of Mayor’s female friends, has already started working as Deputy CEO. Why advertise a post that someone has already been identified for? Wasting Council resources and wasted the resources of those who wish to apply.

The lady whom I found working as Deputy CEO was using the Mayor’s office and the Mayor we all know is in the US. I then went outside the building and asked one of the staff politely; I heard your new CEO have started working? The man replied yes; her name is Fatou Taal and she is from London.

Pa, I wish to expose this to help others like me who wish to apply for the post and also to let the Ministry of Local Government and the newly established Local Government Service Commission to be aware of this fraud. Fatou Taal commonly known as FT, has left her job in London and has started working for BCC as Deputy CEO without the knowledge of the Ministry of Local Government nor the Local Government Service Commission. Pa, it is sad to know that Banjul City Council has over 250 staff with only two Bachelor’s degree holders and there are vibrant and intelligent staff but the Council is not planning to train them at various universities around the world even when they have the means.

The Mayor has brought and imposed her friend from UK Mam Lie Jasseh as a Consultant whose job is to restructure BCC. The man is virtually useless as he has not had any meeting with management of BCC, nor has he implemented or restructured anything since last year. Mam Lie Jasseh is a graduate of computer science and has never participated on such a huge task given to him by the Mayor.

Furthermore, President Barrow is constructing the roads in Banjul and the Mayor was complaining that she has never been in the picture but sadly enough the mayor has found it difficult to clean the city as the city has never been this messy in a long while. You can independently verify the terrible condition of the city.  If Mayor thinks this will work for her, she is sadly mistaken.

Sillah Darboe

Bakau New-town

Editors note: The views expressed by the author do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. Thanks for your attention.

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