‘Protesters’ Went Away With D75,000, Other Valuable Items

The ‘protesters’ that stormed Wednesday the Bakoteh Police Station went away with D75,000, 4 court exhibits (mobile phone), and other valuable items, this medium can authoritatively report.
“These people are not protesters, they are criminals,” a top security officer familiar with the incident told this reporter under conditions of anonymity.
In wake of the demise of mobile phone repair service provider, Ousman Darboe, protests erupted in various parts of Gambia’s biggest conurbation, paralysing the entire business activity in downtown Serrekunda. Some elements took advantage of the chaotic situation to rob people, destroy properties, and launch a surprise attack on Bakoteh Police station.
“In fact, the real protesters came twice at the station, but our Station Officer managed to talk them. They left without causing any problem,” our source added.
However, our valuable interlocutor further stated that the third group that came in the evening had different motives.
“They started stoning the Police station, breaking all the windows out. When they got inside, they went ahead to destroy the TV and the receiver,” our source said.
Pushing ahead with their plan, our source went on, the ‘protesters’ broke the police cells to let go two people detained for criminal infractions.
“They subsequently entered into the office of theĀ  Assistant Station Officer to lay hand on important files tied to ongoing investigation, before setting them on fire,” the top security officer disclosed. “They used the same tactics to get into the store, and the office of the Station Officer where they were able to steal cash amounting to D75,000 and 4 mobile phones that were supposed to be used as exhibits in court.”
In light of this incident, many observers are calling on Gambian authorities to make sure that all police stations are supplied with durable tactical gears and anti-riot equipment including tear gas grenades…
Written Abdoulie John
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