Corruption and Favoritism marred President Barrow’s Foreign Trips

Since his inauguration in 2017, President Barrow had made about 24 foreign trips. Some of these foreign trips are not important or relevant to the Gambian people but only to enrich themselves with the hefty night allowances at the expense of the Gambian People. So many people are included in these trips only to earn the night allowance, because their going do not add any value to the trip or are engaged into any meaning activity to produce result.

The Director of Press at State house, Amie Bojang Sissoho is the chief architect of this corrupt and nepotistic behavior.  She wants to travel with the President in every trip even though her going is not necessary. Sometimes she travels with her assistant in the same trip only to grab night allowance. It is like a competition for self-enrichment, no one wants to stay in the office to do work.

The most disheartening of all her deeds is the nepotistic and favoritism preference of Saul Touray over everyone else. Saul Touray is the personal photographer to the president and a relative of Amie Bojang Sissoho. Amie will always ensure that Saul Touray travels with the President’s Advance team few days before the actual departure of the president to increase his number of nights for a hefty allowance. It is not uncommon for a president to have a personal photographer, but a personal photographer to travel earlier than the president cannot be understood to be anything than self-enrichment, greedy pursuit and exploitation of the tax-payers money. If the Director of press is behaving like this in statehouse, what is statehouse doing to address the plight and welfare of the citizens.

It is crystal clear that, Night allowance is pegged at £200(Pounds) and the President’s visit takes at least 3 days while the advance team departs 2 Days before the president’s schedule gives us a sum of 5 days multiply by£200(Pounds)  gives a result of a £1000(Pounds). When a Thousand Pounds is accrued by a person travelling with the president for a single trip, then £24000 (Pounds) has been accrued by a person who had traveled 24 times with the President. The current exchange rates (62.46) multiply by 24000 results to D1, 499,040 at the expense of the tax- payers. If a Personal Photographer can be given this amount of money that is not his salary, what of those in senior Positions. It is high time that we stand to better our country than to enrich a few at the expense of the hard works and pains of those who elected the president.

Written By An Insider

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