Former Jammeh enablers are using their past connections to secure financial and material aid from local and western organizations for the First Lady’s Foundation—the Fatoumatta Bah Barrow Foundation in order to be absorbed by the Barrow status quo, highly placed sources have intimated. The one hundred (100) electric beds the FABB Foundation reportedly donated to the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital (EFSTH) was facilitated by Ousman Badjie, the former Gambian Ambassador to France. Badjie was fired from the Foreign Service and later charged with economic crime back in 2016, before the fall of dictator Jammeh. A High Court in Banjul acquitted and discharged him, but notwithstanding, the Jammeh dictatorship was determined to appeal the judgment of Justice Eunice O. Dada of the Banjul High Court.

In a publication dated October 23rd, 2016, the Foroyaa Newspaper quoted Justice Dada, as having ruled that “after reading the particulars of offence, said the question is whether Ousman Badjie intentionally commits the offence which causes economic loss to the Gambia Government. She said the prosecution called three witnesses and it is clear that the duty of the head of the mission is the overall responsibility of the mission.”

She noted that the witnesses did not show any responsibility of the accused attached to the revenue that cause economic loss to the Government of the Gambia. She said the question is whether the prosecution witnesses and the documents tendered in court by the prosecution are sufficient enough to warrant conviction. She said it is clear that he (Ousman Badjie) is presumed to be wrongly charged and proving the alleged charge lies on the prosecution.

Justice Dada said she is of the view that from the evidence in this court the accused person did not commit the crime. She said the accused before the court is not Mrs. Adele Sock and it is not denied that a fraud is committed in the Gambian Embassy in France.  She said no evidence is shown that Mrs. Sock has been charged or even brought to court as a witness.

“I am of the view that the Prosecution did not prove the case as required by the law. I see it as holding the accused liable for the offence committed by his subordinate. The accused is not found guilty of the five counts and he is accordingly acquitted and discharged,” said Justice Dada.

In a statement issued by the FABB Foundation shortly after the presentation of the beds to the hospital, the organization said: “A special thank you goes to Association EGALISE from France, Africell Gambia Ltd ,Hon. Minister of Foreign affairs Dr Momodou Tangara, and all those who took the effort in facilitating this huge donation for our Health sector.”

Former Gambian Ambassador to France Ousman Badjie, was present during the presentation of the beds. His name was never mention by the First Lady. Badjie’s longtime friend Momodou Tangara, the current Gambian Foreign Minister, was praised by the First Lady for his efforts in facilitating the huge donation.

Tangara was Badjie’s boss during dictator Jammeh’s rule. He was Foreign Minister, while Badjie was Ambassador in France. Both Badjie and Tangara attended French education in neighboring Senegal, and France.

A highly placed source close to the administration said Ousman Badjie is using Tangara and the First Lady Fatoumatta Bah Barrow to bounce back in the system. The First Lady virtually runs the State House. She occasionally recommends appointment of individuals to the government to her husband Adama Barrow. Her Foundation has been named in the past for alleged malpractices among others.

There is a vacant Ambassadorial position in France. Dr. Momodou Lamin Sedat Jobe, who is currently sick, has been recalled by President Barrow. Badjie might likely be appointed to replace Jobe. Watch the space.

It should be noted that Ousman Badjie was the Interior Minister of The Gambia, when some armed trigger Gambian security officers massacred Gambian student protesters back in April of 2000. Journalist Omar Barrow was killed during that demonstration.

Ousman Badjie was among the officers indicted by the Lartey Commission. Dictator Jammeh later granted them amnesty. They were indemnified from prosecution.

President Adama Barrow and his wife are encouraging former Jammeh enablers to bounce back in the system. From Momodou Tangara, Mamburay Njie, Alhagie Ceesay, the list goes on and on have nothing to present to this country. They are only good at ass kissing.

The transition period has been rendered useless—thanks to the Barrows. They are busy consolidating themselves at the expense of poor Gambia. The government is now in the hands of Jammeh’s former enablers.

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