Political interference into public institutions like GRTS will not be allowed

Political interference into public institutions like GRTS will not be allowed
It has come to my notice that the Governor of the Upper River Region (URR) Fanta B.S Manneh is trying to interfere with the work of GRTS in her region. She claims that she is the representative of the President in the region and that, all GRTS reports should go through her before being broadcast or published.
This is an insult to our new found democracy and we will not accept it. Those days when the media reports will be censored are gone and we will never accept it again.
The URR Governor is also reported to have said that all GRTS letters of request for coverages should pass through her for approval because they are directly under her office. In a nutshell, she said anyone who needs the services of the GRTS crew should write to her office then she will minute it to the URR Regional Correspondent for GRTS.
I have being further informed that the GRTS Regional correspondent for URR, Saidou Camara was asked to submit his reports to the Governor’s office before sending them for news broadcasting and he refused.
The Governor decided to write a letter to the GRTS Management, to report the journalist and asked for his immediate transfer from the region.
As a parliamentarian from the URR region and a former staff of GRTS, I hereby urge the Goverenor to know her Terms of Reference as a Governor and desist from such act immediately.
Equally, I call on the GRTS Management to encourage their staff to work independently in the interest of the democracy, objective, fair and balance reporting; and the nation at large.
Political interference in public institutions must stop now.
Alhagie H. Sowe,
NAM for Jimara Constituency
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