A Gambian soldier Pa Ousman Sanneh, has revealed how the two Gambian Americans Alhagie Mamut Ceesay and Ebou Jobe, were infiltrated by one Alhagie Marr, a former soldier, who turned them into dictator Yahya Jammeh, who later ordered his assassin team called the jungullars to murder the duo.  Sanneh was giving evidence before Gambia’s TRRC on Wednesday. He testified that Alhagie Marr, was working with their leader Major Ba-Nuha Badjie, prior to the arrest of the two Americans. Marr told them that Ceesay and Jobe were mercenaries from the United States, who were allegedly plotting to overthrow dictator Yahya Jammeh’s rule.


“On the day of the operation to arrest Alhagie Mamut Ceesay and Ebou Jobe, Bai-Nuha Badjie, asked me (Pa Ousman Sanneh) and Captain Michael Correa to monitor the two Gambian Americans at a Chinese restaurant they were in around the Senegambia area with Alhagie Marr. Michael Correa doesn’t know Alhagie Marr. I told him that I know Marr. He used to work under me at the army. When we arrived at the restaurant, I pulled Alhagie Marr aside and introduced him to Michael Correa. At this time, we already got the vehicle license plate of  Ceesay and Jobe. They were with two women at the restaurant. Alhagie Marr was also with them,” Sanneh testified.

“When Ceesay and Jobe left the restaurant, while heading to their car, we called the soldiers, who had already mounted a Motor vehicle checkpoint (MVC) traffic control outside the restaurant. They were stopped upon reaching the MVC checkpoint and arrested. Yahya Jammeh had already given orders that the men should be taken to Kanilai. We visited the home they were staying in, before proceeding to Kanilai. When we arrived in Kanilai, our seniors escorted them into Jammeh’s home. They later came and asked us to escort Ceesay and Jobe into the bush. We drove for some time before reaching the execution ground. I Pa Ousman Sanneh, Omar A. Jallow, and others dug the grave in which Ceesay and Jobe were to be buried. I was not present when they were being killed. Yahya Jammeh had ordered us to kill and chop them into pieces. The heads of Ceesay and Jobe were cutoff. We then buried them,” Sanneh revealed.

Sanneh remarked that the order to kill the two Gambian Americans came from Yahya Jammeh. He said Alhagie Marr was the one, who reported the duo to the authorities. Marr alleged that Ceesay and Jobe were plotting to overthrow The Gambian government.

Who is Alhagie Marr ?

 Jungullar Pa Ousman Sanneh referred to him as Alhagie Marr. He was the one, who reported the two Gambian Americans to the authorities. He is a native Munyagen, in the Jokadu District. Jokadu is located in the North Bank Division of The Gambia.

He and Ebou Jobe were friends. They knew each other. Marr is part of the army’s intake 17. He used to work at the Farafeni barracks. 

Alhagie Marr’s mother and Ebou Jobe’s mother shared the same Mum and Dad. The two are brothers. Ebou Jobe’s mother came from Munyagen. Her husband is a native of Kerr-Jarga.

Marr used to hangout with them prior to their arrest.

It is not clear if he will ever have his day at the TRRC to relate his own side of the story, regarding the murder of Ceesay and Jobe.

Pa Ousman Sanneh Admits Taking Part In The Murder of Baba Jobe

Pa Ousman Sanneh has also admitted to taking part in the murder of Baba Kajali Jobe. He testified that they were ordered by Yahya Jammeh to kill Jobe. Jobe was admitted at the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital private ward, when Jammeh ordered for his killing. Sanneh said the order to kill Jobe was given to their leader Ba-Nuha Badjie by Jammeh. Jobe was serving time in prison. He was about to finish his jail term, when he got ill. 


According to Sanneh, some of their men walked into the hospital, while others jumped through the fence to meet Jobe at his ward. He said he and Omar A. Jallow walked into the hospital. Jallow was assigned to survey the ward before Jobe was attacked and killed. Jobe was sleeping, when the jungullars entered his ward and suffocated him to death.

Sanneh has admitted to taking part in other Jammeh ordered killings. He apologized to his victims during his closing testimony. He said he has regretted his actions. He also said they were merely executing orders from their superiors to kill innocent lives.


Pa Sanneh is a native of Kartong. He told the Commission that his own in law the late Lieutenant Girbil Saye was killed in the aftermath of the November 11th 1994 failed coup. Sanneh said he was the one, who opened the cell in which Saye and co were detained before their execution. Saye even gave him a check and other belonging to it hand over to Saye’s wife.  Sanneh and Saye’s wife came from the same home in Kartong.

The Chairman of the TRRC Dr. Lamin Cise, couldn’t hold himself amid multiple perpetrators admitting to killing their countrymen. Cisse remarked that The Gambia is going through hell today–given what he calls “the disturbing revelations coming from the Commission.” He added that the jungullars were operating like Adolf Hitler’s agents in Germany by purging Jews into gas chambers. He also says similar forces are operating in Sudan called the Janjaweed. Cise called for an end to such human rights violations in The Gambia.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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