Press Release: Attack on me by Matar Mboge was unwarranted

I Baboucarr Fallaboweh, a Gambian sports journalist based in Sweden who is on holidays in his native country was attacked by the deputy coach of the Gambian Senior National team deputy coach Matar Mboge at the Independence Stadium for unsubstantiated reasons.

I wish to make it emphatically clear again that I am a professional journalist and I don’t owe the GFF administration any allegiance neither am I expected to be friendly to anyone. Ebou Faye and co can attest to this. I only do my work as expected to.

Matar Mboge has always shown Gambians that he does not know how to go into conversation gently and maturely. I am never a coward that’s why I supposedly sat in his midst.

Respect is earned and I have earned that from Gambians. Yesterday (Tuesday, August 6, 2019) I just decided to ignore your drama. Read my face, I can’t be intimidated, I hold on to the truth. Therefore, change your game and learn from your mentors how they deal or continue to deal with media pressure .

Sang Ndong, I have zero control over what Sammy Boy said in my two interviews with him. If you had serious issues with it, you would have search for me to clarify but not me going around searching for the facts that you preaching. I believe you have lost your integrity and pedigree by keeping mute on the bad management of our national team players and so many wrong things.

Your late friend, Bonu was owed by the same federation you serving. Despite going individual length for Bonu, you failed. Bonu was entitled to several privileges , post and welfare. That what I call facts but not a mere interview.

Lets be good citizens and serve the Gambia. Drop the egos.

Baboucarr Fallaboweh
Editors note: The views expressed in this press release by the author, are entirely that of the author’s own views. Mr. Matar Mboge could not be reached for his own side of the story. Thanks for your attention.
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