Gambian Judicial System is in a Quagmire


Gambian Judicial System is in a Quagmire

By Retired Capt. Ebou Jallow

9 August 9, 2019

I will never blame President Barrow for anything. He never wanted the presidency in the first place, and he has made the effort to surround himself with competent Gambians. Unfortunately, and to his chagrin, he himself has been used/abused by the same people he trusted since December 2016. Today, the Gambia we all love is slouching towards a meltdown before our own eyes- nothing works in the country today. Gambia is a total mess, and thanks to Baa Tambedou, the TRRC and the Cabinet since 2017.

  1. Baa Tambedou was responsible for drafting a deeply a flawed TRRC act that is not in compliance with neither the Gambian Constitution nor the universal principles of justice. The Act fails to proscribe granting any kind of relieve to those that violate non-derogable rights of other Gambian citizens. It should have established an unambiguous legislation on what actions can be forgiven and what cannot just like what the South African Truth Commission did… The TRRC Act completely ignored the issue.
  2. The TRRC has now turned into a public spectacle like some cheap Indian flick with Essa Faal playing the lead hero Amitab Badjaan and the Junglers playing the low minions of the Chef des Bandits, Gabasin. And my brother Essa has bought into the gratification of instant celebrity- he is now so obsessed with the witness “confessions” that his fact-finding job at the Commission has been leached of any substance and now replaced with outrageous mendacity. Every sitting nowadays is a traumatic experience for Gambians without any hope of relief from their plight since the likes of Alagie Kanji, Sanna Sabally, and many more are roaming free in the streets of Banjul.
  3. The Cabinet has been consumed with power struggle and mischievous machinations from day one since Barrow became president. It was born to fail from the very beginning because there has never been any unity of purpose nor sincerity from the majority of the Cabinet ministers. They never took Barrow serious nor do they ever recognize his status nor respect his authority. Barrow was just their Barrow- he must do what they advise him in private and act clueless in public. And they have succeeded into advising their president into a political and legal quagmire with the TRRC. God help us!
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