I hope we will find closure to all this crap that happened. We still want to know why did you harbour so much hatred against my wife? We deserve to know it! Whether you tell us or not it won’t change anything because what happened has happened.

You shall never be an Ambassador nor shall you be a Deputy Ambassador,  so what is there to hide anymore? If I am right you might never ever get a Diplomatic Post! What do you know about Diplomacy? Diplomacy doesn’t mean being secretive for Pete’s sake that is not the same as Crime Intelligence Gathering where secrecy is everything! Still you would make a bad Crime Intelligence Agent.

Keeping quite also doesn’t cut it for you. Tell me why do you resent my wife so much? Is it that you were doing the bidding of your jealous wife? Jealousy would kill her. She couldn’t even hide her jealous rage during Hakim’s aqiqa! Just imagine!!! Continue to follow her jealous snares and she will drag you to hell with her. No! I forgot that you’re both cut off from the same cloth.

What sort of a man are you? You’re not even half a man. How petty could you be? Involving your yourself in women’s snares! “If you are emotionally attached to your Tribe, Religion, and Political leaning to a point that Truth and Justice become secondary considerations, your Education is useless. Your exposure is useless. If you cannot reason beyond petty sentiments, you are a Liability to Mankind” ~ Dr Chuba Okadigbo (Late).

When you know you’re a Tribalist you shouldn’t be serving as Public Servant. How can you serve impartially when you are a sworn Fula Tribalist? How long did you think that you can maintain your facade? How long do you think this present Fula government will last?

The Family of the Prophet (SAWA) told us that if you want to see if your acts of worship are accepted then look at your behaviour. If your behaviour changes for the better then know that your Acts have been accepted. If you’re found to be wanting then know that your Acts haven’t been accepted! There is no need to wait until Yaumil Qiyyama to know that.

You need to go and perform Hajj Samba or better still you can perform Umrah. Hajj is not acceptable when you’re still renting (& if you have debts). Moreover that Hajj that your performed was for the sake of being called a Hajjee. That’s not Hajj because you were performing it seeking people’s approval. *That is your reward, people’s approval* but with Allah (swt) your account is still empty!!!

When a person’s Hajj is accepted they change samba. They bury their old selves and come back like new-born babies. But you, you went to Hajj with your Marabouts worshipping, jealous, black-and-dark heart & a PHD and came back worse off! *That’s a definite sign that your showing-off Hajj was not accepted*. When people’s Hajj is accepted they become beacons of light (& not soldiers of darkness), love, mercy and compassion. They become inviters to Islam not through their hollow acts (like you do) of worship but through how they treat other people.

The other sign is being blessed more with sustenance! You would have been blessed more like getting Deputy Ambassador or Ambassador’s position! There wouldn’t be even a need for you to kill people for positions. I know you very well, you wouldn’t hesitate to kill for positions!

People like Buba they don’t pray at all because of the evil acts they do in secrecy. [You know very well what I am talking about]. You are even worse than Buba. Wallahi your fasting and your prayers are useless. What’s the point of praying and you’re not becoming a better person? Who are you fooling? You can’t fool us anymore because we saw through your facade!!! Are you fooling Allah (swt)??? Allah (swt) shall never ever forgive you even if you cry blood unless and until the ones that you wronged forgive you! Allah does not accept anything from egoistic hearts.

Do you want me to tell you how are you going to end up? People of Jannah are open-handed! They derive pleasure in giving out and it doesn’t grieve them. On the other hand the people of Jahannum derive pleasure in receiving. When they don’t receive, it grieves them. So, there it is, judge for yourself whether  you are from the companions of the Right-Hand or of the Left-hand, you he-goat and your she-goat!!!

An unwise blockhead that doesn’t have foresight that can only learn through experiential learning. I believe that the Life Lessons that you learned here in samba’s Jannah will benefit you in your future intercourse with people in the Gambia. I will never forget you evil he-goat (i cannot even bring myself to call you a person) and your evil wife. When the dollars (from Embassy’s coffers) are no longer coming I hope she doesn’t also break your fragile heart [like General Sol Badjie and Choro]. Was it not you who pushed Choro into the General’s arms .  So long a nincompoop from Jarumeh-Koto village.

Written By Daood Molaba

Editors note: The views expressed in this article by the author, do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. Thanks for your attention.

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