Leading Gambian rapper arrested together with others after been accused of arson attack on police outlets


A leading Gambian rapper Ali Cham, AKA Killa Ace, has been arrested by the Gambian police. Cham was taken into custody on Saturday together with other Gambian youths over allegations that they were part of rioters, who allegedly burnt down a police station located in the town of Bakoteh. The home of a police Superintendent was also burnt during the incident.

Both incidents happened last month during a protest march, in which Gambians demonstrated the death of a Sierra Leonean national Ousman Darboe. Darboe died after been released from police custody. He was accused of possessing stolen goods.

Cham hasn’t been granted bail yet.  He has moved and transferred to different police stations since his arrest.

Cham has recently issued a mixed tape, in which he dissed the Commander of Gambia’s police anti-crime unit Gorgi Mboob.  This was not the first time that Cham has been arrested by the police. Back in 2018, Cham was charged with resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer.  He denied charges.

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