Ali Cham AKA Killa Ace Was Arrested and So What?


Ali Cham AKA Killa Ace Was Arrested and So What?

Written By Ebou Ngum in Everett Washington

The problem we have in the Gambia now is not only those that go out in the name of democracy and cause wanton destruction. In part, it is also the online human rights consultants scattered all over Facebook who kind of display ignorance as to what constitutes a right and what constitutes a wrong.

So the burning issue of the day is that the Gambian Police arrested Ali Cham AKA Killa Ace and as far as our strugglers who are still struggling for no cause are concerned, the arrest was illegal and constitutes a breach of human rights. I see a lot of Facebook postings supporting Cham and calling for his release. Fair play, Cham and his conspirators have been granted bail and that is the right thing the Police would normally do.

So the question is what makes Ali Cham AKA Killa Ace different from any person who causes arson? There is no difference as far as the law is concerned. Just because someone has a trade that makes him famous does not give him the right to engage in vandalism of any sort. The current climate in the Gambia is so fragile that some people believe that democracy means you can do anything you like and at any time.

The saddest part of the arrest of this gentleman is the irresponsible statements coming from some people because they have Facebook at their disposal just to throw tantrums. This guy and his conspirators were arrested on suspicion of arson. Now unless the Police have something concrete, they cannot formally charge them. This is the reason they were released on bail. Asking them to report to the Police station at a later date is standard Police procedure and that is how any other accused person would normally be treated. Should the Police find that Cham and his conspirators actually committed the crime they were accused of, then they can decide on the course of action to take.

Some people have expressed disappointment over the arrest of Cham and his conspirators. My question is why would anyone be disappointed because the Police arrested a protester who was suspected of arson? People can protest where the law permits but going about setting a Police station and the home of a Police Commander on fire is nowhere legal in the Gambia. Therefore, no one should blame the Police for just arresting any person suspected to have committed such a heinous act.

Turning to our online Facebook consultants, I think the likes of Madi Jobarteh should give us a break. This was the same guy who indirectly fueled the occupy Brikama protest. His statement in an earlier Facebook post in part states “WCR Youths stand your ground. You don’t need a permit from the IGP”.  A statement like this is enough to cause so much havoc. This same Madi Jobarteh in a recent Facebook post is now admonishing against arson, vandalism and stone throwing citing that these are not part of freedom of assembly and speech.

Now the same Madi Jobarteh is defending Ali Cham stating that he was not present (in his words) at the burning of the “notorious officer Mboob’s house”.  Madi Jobarteh is so sure that Ali Cham has nothing to do with the arson attack on Mr. Mboob’s house and the Police station and thus insinuating that his arrest by the Police stems out of revenge. We need to advocate responsibly.

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