A former Gambian Army Sergeant Alhagie Marr, who was accused by a former jungullar Pa Ousman Sanneh of reporting the two Gambian Americans: Alhagie Mamut Ceesay and Ebou Jobe, to be arrested and killed, has denied the allegations. Marr and the late Ebou Jobe are brothers. Their mums shared the same mum and dad. Though Marr hasn’t denied having contacts with the two murdered Gambian Americans prior to their arrest and subsequent execution by Jammeh’s assassin team called the jungullars. Marr, speaking for the first time since the TRRC revelations had emerged about his involvement in the murder of the two, told the Freedom Newspaper in an interview that he was working with Ceesay and Jobe to assassinate or possibly overthrow dictator Jammeh’s rule back in 2013. He says it was Ebou Jobe, who contacted him from the United States before Jobe and Ceesay’s 2013 home trip to ask him (Marr) if he could help them to recruit some soldiers to overthrow Jammeh from power. He also claimed that Jobe also wanted him to gather information for them about Jammeh’s security detail; and military secrets before the planned operations.

Marr was serving the army at the time. He was reluctant to be part of any treasonous act. He tried to advise Ebou Jobe to abandon the coup plot, but he said Jobe refused. He claimed that both Jobe and Ceesay were determined to end Jammeh’s regime. He says Jobe and Ceesay were not pleased with the way Jammeh was ruling the country.

According to Marr, while Ebou Jobe, and Alhagie Mamut Ceesay, were in the United States, he was assigned by Jobe to meet a marabout in Senegal to seek blessings for the upcoming operation to overthrow Jammeh from power. He added that he was given money by Jobe to cross the border to meet the marabout in Senegal.

Marr was concerned about his safety at the time. He ensured that he uses Senegalese cellular phone line during his communications with Jobe and Ceesay. He would cross the border just to speak to Jobe. He also ensured that he doesn’t have any paper trail or phone contacts in his possession of the duos.

Jobe and Ceesay arrived in The Gambia in 2013. Marr wasn’t aware of their presence in the country, even though the two allegedly told him that they were going to call him upon their arrival.

It was in April of 2013, when he received a phone call from Ebou Jobe’s wife in the United States. Jobe’s wife wanted to know from Marr if Jobe was in The Gambia. She told Marr that she hasn’t heard from her husband for a while, according to Marr.

“I told Ebou’s wife that Jobe had told me while he was in the US, that he was going to be in The Gambia in 2013, but I haven’t heard from him since we last spoke,” Marr remarked.

It was around the end of May that Marr said he received a phone call from his brother Ebou Jobe, who asked him to meet him and Ceesay at their residence in Brusibi. Upon arrival, Marr said, Jobe briefed him about the coup plot, he discussed with him before his home arrival.

“Ebou Jobe told me that they were set to launch the operation to overthrow Jammeh from power. He told me that they were expecting arms and mercenaries from Guinea Bissau. That the arms and mercenaries were to be escorted by the Senegalese Marine to the Brufut seacoast. He also told me that they had bought bags of hay in which they will conceal the arms upon arrival at Brufut. They also had purchased a mini-truck,” Marr explained.

“I was assigned by Ebou Jobe to serve as an interpreter between them and the mercenaries. He told me that the mercenaries speak the Bambara local dialect. Part of the plan for the operation was to use one of the storey buildings at Brusubi to ambush Jammeh’s convey. We were supposed to take him out (kill him) during the operation. I was told by Ebou Jobe that Alhagie Mamut Ceesay was supposed to be the President if Jammeh if Jammeh was toppled. He Jobe was supposed to be his Vice President. I was offered the position of Army Chief of Defence Staff by Ebou Jobe, but I refused. I told them that I had seniors in the army. I told him that I wouldn’t mind serving as their intelligence,” he added.

He met Jobe and Ceesay, the day, the mercenaries and arms were supposed to arrive from Bissau. The mercenaries never came. There were also no arms. He said he was told by Jobe that the operation had been differed. Marr added that he was later told by Ebou Jobe that he was going to call them when needed. He has Jobe’s phone number before leaving the apartment.

Jobe and Ceesay were arrested, a day after meeting Marr. Marr said he tried to call them on the phone, but Jobe’s line was unreachable.

Marr had left the army because of illness.

Marr was later phoned by Bai Nuha Badjie, a former member of dictator Jammeh’s assassin team to report to the State House in Banjul. He reported.

Upon arrival at the State House, Badjie asked him about what relationship he had with Jobe and Ceesay because his phone number had featured on the duos call records.

“I told Nuha Badjie that Ebou Jobe is my brother. I told him that our mums shared the same mum and dad. That Jobe used to help me with money to treat my illness. I never explain to Badjie, the plot that we were working on to overthrow Jammeh. Nuha told me that Jobe and Ceesay have been arrested for plotting to overthrow the President’s government. He told me that I can go home, but I shouldn’t disclose their arrest to anyone. General Saul Badjie gave me D2,000 to treat my illness during my trip the State House,” he said.

Marr hired as NIA officer

It was in 2014, shortly after the arrest and execution of Jobe and Ceesay, Marr was phoned by Nuha Badjie to meet him in Banjul. He was living in Farafenni at the time. Badjie gave him a certain phone number. Badjie told him to call the number upon his arrival at the Barra/Banjul ferry crossing.

When Marr phoned the number, Yankuba Badjie, a former Director General at the NIA received the call. Yankuba told him to report to the NIA Headquarters in Banjul, the following morning.

“I was afraid when he told me to report to the NIA. I did not know what was going on. When I reported to the NIA, the following morning, I saluted him, but he never acknowledged my compliments to him. He merely asked me to sit and wait. Yankuba later called one Sano, the officer, who headed the NIA training team to take me to the training school. I left the NIA with Sano and other trainees. It was there that Sano started to train us about the intelligence trade craft. My appearance and comportment had alerted Sano. He knew that there was something bothering me. I told him that I was sick. Sano then told me that I could be granted excuse duty until I feel much better,” Marr explained.

Marr finished his NIA training. He was posted at the residence of Ex Captain Lamin Saine, a former official of the NIA. He was later transferred to the NIA HQS in Banjul. His monthly salary was over D3,000 dalasis.

Marr says he never applied for a job at the NIA. He also never wanted to work there. He was merely called in and asked to start intelligence training.

He believes that he was hired at the NIA in a bid to prevent him from exposing the arrest of his brother Ebou Jobe and Alhagie Mamut Ceesay.

While at the NIA, Marr said he asked Nuha Badjie about his arrested brother Ebou Jobe and Alhagie Mamut Ceesay. Badjie told him that Jobe and Ceesay had been moved to a cell in Kanilai.

Prior to this, Marr said he had dreamt that the duo had been killed. He was sceptical of Nuha’s response.

Marr never served long at the NIA. He was fired a year after his hiring. He never knew that he was fired. His salary was stopped at the bank. He was later informed that he was fired. No reason was given for his sacking. He had the letter of his appointment and sacking.

He was reinstated a year before Jammeh’s fall. But was again fired before Barrow came to power. He was told that his services were no longer needed.

Marr returned to Farafenni, where he is married and blessed with five kids. He claimed that he had escaped plots hatched by Nuha Badjie and co to assassinate him.

Marr is now a farmer. He had a farmland in the commercial town of Farafenni.

He told Freedom Newspaper that he has never been interviewed by The Gambian police over the murder of Ebou Jobe and Alhagie Mamut Ceesay.

“I am here in The Gambia. I lived in Farafenni. It is false for anyone to say that I absconded from the country. Neither the police nor the TRRC has ever questioned me over Jobe and Ceesay’s case. I was part of their operation to overthrow Jammeh from power. I never reported them. I was not at the Restaurant at Senegambia when they were being trailed by Pa Ousman Sanneh and co. Pa Ousman Sanneh is lying. He lied to the TRRC,” he remarked.

Ebou Jobe flees Gambia four years before his execution

According to Alhagie Marr, four years before the arrest of Ebou Jobe and Alhagie Mamut Ceesay, Jobe had to flee The Gambia for the United States, following reports that he was wanted by Jammeh’s agents on alleged coup allegations.

“This was not the first time that Ebou Jobe had been involved such a plot. Four years before their contacts with me, they were dealing with one Bai Jobe, a military police officer. He was calling Bai Jobe, asking him to help him recruit some soldiers for him to overthrow Jammeh. Bai Jobe reported them to the NIA, which led to his absconding from the country,” Marr alleged.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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