Detained Gambian Rapper Has Been Released From Police Custody, But Was Asked To Report To The Police On Tuesday


The detained Gambian rapper Ali Cham, AKA Killa Ace, has been released from police custody. Cham was asked to report to the police on Tuesday. The other detainees are also being released. They have been accused of destroying public property.

Pa Samba Jaw is a Gambian human rights activist. He is disappointed by the state’s move to arrest the protesters.

“The sad thing here is because when I spoke to Killa Ace’s people; his lawyer has went to the police; Talinding police station and he was being processed; he has written his statement in front of his lawyer. He was supposed to be bailed only to be told that they have orders from the top that he should not be bailed and in fact, he should be transferred to another police station,” Jaw told me hours before the release of Rapper Killa Ace.

Jaw has called on the government to respect human rights.

“I believe that giving everything that Gambia had gone through I think this government should really focus on advancing democracy rather than impeding it.  And I think what they are doing is definitely not helping the government; not the government’s image; not the country’s image and definitely it is not living up to the expectations that we had as a people when we changed Jammeh; Jammeh’s dictatorial rule,” Jaw added.

President Barrow recently has faced pressure from local and international activists calling on the administration to end police brutality. They also called for meaningful security sector reform to end right abuses.

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