Mr. Momodou Sabally You Need To Put a Cover on Your Pen


Mr. Momodou Sabally You Need To Put a Cover on Your Pen

Written by Ebou Ngum in Everett Washington

Mr. Momodou Sabally, I read through your unnecessary banter about the recent cabinet reshuffle and in particular the appointment of Omar Faye as Defense Minister. My point is that at this time, you do not seem to have anything viable to write but just to put pen on paper to waste people’s time to read a piece of work that makes no difference to anyone.

First of all, I am not defending Omar Faye as I do not know him personally. I know he served in the army diligently for many years and was redeployed to the Foreign Service. I believe he served well during his time in the army and his tenure in the Foreign Service. You seem to have issues with his appointment citing that it is questionable because he seems to lost touch with anything military. In a country with a small army like the Gambia, do we need a 5-star general with an outstanding war record to provide leadership at the Ministry of Defense? The defense ministry certainly needs leadership in a person with some kind of military training but not at the level you believe is needed to show loyalty to the President.

Undoubtedly, Mr. Faye was doing well in the Foreign Service and that does not mean his competence will be better tested by deploying him to Turkey. Are you listening to yourself? I do not think so my brother.  Also, what impact would it make to redeploy someone to India just because the person studied in that country? You are not putting your pen to paper properly and at this time, I would suggest you do not come up with part II of this piece.

Also, please remember that all this while, the Gambian defense ministry was not occupied by any person with a prior military record. Irrespective of all the jargon you are using to define the current state of the army, the CDS and his team had provided ample leadership and we have not seen anything similar to a threat coming from within the Gambian army.

Comparing Omar Faye to Ganno is seriously nauseating. ADC Lamin Ganno would have been a poor choice and a non-starter. I have nothing personal against Ganno but just because he was ADC and left on his own accord and you facilitated his resignation does not give him an edge over Omar Faye.

You also seem to be too sure that Mr. Faye’s appointment would not last for two years at the maximum. You need to share with the Gambian people what you know because your level of reasoning in regards to his appointment as Defense Minister is pathetic.

On the issue of the big elephant in the room, you believe the appointment of Yankuba Sonko is controversial because he was IGP during the Jammeh era and it was during his time the unfortunate death of Solo Sandeng occurred.  I agree and I am sure someone must be held accountable for that. So if Yankuba Sonko is the big elephant in the room, what are you? During the Jammeh era, you once served as Secretary General and did you take stock of all the bad things you did for Yahya Jammeh?  I am sure you remembered my friend you rendered unemployed for so long and so many others you messed up during your time as Secretary General. It was the same Yahya Jammeh that locked you up for reasons best known to him.

I would suggest some kind of cover on your pen at this time or just pretend the ink in your pen dried up.

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