Let me begin by extending profound condolences to the entire bereaved family on my own behalf and on behalf of the entire membership of the P.P.P following the passing away of Alhaji Sir D.K Jawara, former President of the republic of The Gambia and founding father of our country’s independence.
As the nation grieves and mourns the irretrievable loss of such a visionary leader and accomplished statesman, we should draw inspiration from his enlightened leadership, especially at this time when the county is at a crossroads.
Sir Dawda will be remembered as a champion of human rights not only at home but also abroad. Similarly, he was at the same time a staunch advocate of democracy and the rule of law. His indefatigable advocacy for the respect for human rights earned him the respect and admiration of all people of goodwill across the globe. In fact, it was no surprise at all when the then O.A.U unanimously accepted The Gambia’s offer to host the African commission on human and people’s rights.
 As the saying goes, the greatness of a country does not depend on its size but on the quality of its leadership and the national character of its people. Today, one of the most important issues on the international agenda is the protection of the environment. We all can recall The Banjul declaration made by Sir Dawda way back on the 18th February 1977. At the end on the declaration, Sir Dawda stated as follows:-
“Thus I solemnly declare that my government pledges its untiring efforts to conserve for now and prosperity as wide a spectrum as possible as our remaining fauna and flora.”
It will also be recalled that on the occasion of the country’s accession to international sovereignty, he coined the national philosophy of TESITO or self-reliance. He understood that nation-building is an uphill task and in order to achieve meaningful and sustainable development we must first and foremost count on ourselves.
Sir Dawda has served his country well. He has also contributed a lot to our sub- regional and regional organization as well as all international organizations to which The Gambia belonged. His skills as a peacemaker were recognized all over the world.
May his soul rest in perfect peace
Mohamadou Musa Njie (Papa)
Secretary General and Party Leader
People’s Progressive Party
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