Operation Three Years JOTNA” Dissociates Itself from the False “Action Plan” Circulating on Social Media


Operation Three Years JOTNA” Dissociates Itself from the False “Action Plan” Circulating on Social Media

It has come to the attention of the leadership and members of “Operation Three Years Jotnathat a false document entitled “Operation 3 Years Jotna Action Plan” has been circulating on the internet, especially on social media applications such as Facebook and Whatsapp.  

As a group of law-abiding and patriotic citizens whose only concern is the socio-economic development of The Gambia anchored on good governance, the rule of law and democratic principles, “Operation Three Years Jotna” would like to completely dissociate itself from this false document. “Operation Three Years Jotna” has never authored or published an Action Plan of activities planned for December 2019, especially one that is underpinned by such ignorance and recklessness.

We are confident that this false document is the handiwork of none other than President Adama Barrow and his cronies who are hell bent, once again, on misleading, misinforming and deceiving the Gambian population. Although we are shocked at the demeaning character and low-level to which Barrow and his band of unlettered thugs would stoop in his quest to perpetuate himself in power, we are not surprised by this latest act of desperation on the part AdamaBarrow. The publication of a false document calling on Gambians in the public service, business sector and general public to engage in acts of civil disobedience, outright lawless and vandalism, and attributing it to the good citizens of “Operation Three Years Jotna”,  is the ultimate act of cowardice and dishonesty on the part of President Barrow and his supporters.

However, we note that this action is entirely consistent with Barrow’s record of dishonesty, betrayal, deception and outright lies that, unfortunately, have seen him manipulate his way to the pinnacle of power in our dear country, despite his evident ineptitude. It is yet another manifestation of a deficit in integrity, honesty and credibility that personifies Adama Barrow. It is these same fundamental character flaws that have led him to unashamedly walk back on every single promise that he made to his Coalition partners and the Gambian electorate in 2016.

Precisely for these reasons, “Operation Three Years Jotna” will continue to pursue its legitimate cause to hold Adama Barrow accountable to the electorate for the promises he made during his electoral campaign, including the fundamental provisions of the Coalition Memorandum of Understanding that: (i) he will serve as interim President for a period of three years, step down and call for fresh elections; (ii) he will not contest the first post-transition elections; (iii) he will serve as a neutral arbiter for the post-transition elections without supporting any political party or candidate.

Unlike Adama Barrow, “Operation Three Years Jotna” is committed to promoting honesty, integrity and adherence to the rule of law as core values of The Gambia’s political culture. It is for these reasons that we condemn in the strongest possible terms, the false association of our movement with a document that calls for acts of banal illegality and lawlessness. Such acts have no place in the new Gambia. Instead, come December 2019, “Operation Three Years Jotna” will resort to all lawful means under the Constitution of the Gambia and other laws of the land, to hold Adama Barrow to his electoral promises.  In doing so, our only quest is for a new Gambia that is characterized by honesty and integrity in our body politic, as well as a responsive and accountable Government. We call on all Gambians to come out in droves in December 2019 so that AdamaBarrow learns, once and for all, that power does indeed belong to the people.

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