The “Struggle” against Maladministration: A Reinvention

.The “Struggle” against Maladministration: A Reinvention 

Perennial problems – With respect to recent scandals detailing outright nepotism and pay-to-play corruption at the heart of president Barrow’s government, it would be a dereliction of civil duty I thought, if we in the diaspora #UKGambians and around the world should let the blatant abuse of our people and country’s resources continue unchecked.

It has become apparently clear to all of us, home and abroad, that incompetence and selfishness by decision makers in Banjul sits atop of all of our country’s problems. The situation is dire, beyond politics, requires each one of us to search within self to reflect and ask questions on what it truly means to be Gambian, human to be exact. Because of late we seem to be witnessing some quite disturbing unhuman-like behaviou’s by the very people entrusted on our behalf.

In all of my life, one had thought, even bragged about it, that possession of certain admirable qualities define & differentiate Gambians, but I guess years of travel require a reassessment of that theory in view of the times we live in:

Without a shadow of doubt, the generality of Gambian people continue to be the most peaceful, honest and hardworking creations to be found anywhere. There also continues to be, however, vultures and cannibals within our midst devouring in broad daylight being the cause of so much disaffection & poverty on the masses.

Their level of greed holds no bounds – lies and deceit – selling off the country one piece at a time. We the people, and generations yet unborn, are left saddled with debts as high as mountains, further scheming to contract even more loans as we speak. We have a president who tells us he require two million dalasis (D2,000,000) every single month just to feed his family, all the while the average Gambian in towns and cities continue to wallow in economic misery.

Greed is a filthy disease of the human heart – people should aim to live within means & be moderate in all that one does. Civil servants in the country have lots to account for – dazed – the unethical pursuit of a dalasi currency.

As if a story out of fiction pages – The show of arrogance & defiance to rules, standards and international norms, on which even custodians thereof, seem to habitually perpetuate. I still cannot believe how my country came to be this, the Gambia of president Jawara, Omar bun Jeng, such & such men and women of excellence.

By this letter, i ask of Gambians around the world to ponder and reflect on a country that once was, of our parents, and of generations past – one the whole world marvel at.

The search for a better Gambia continues, only to be found when men and women of conscience stand true – and nothing but for the #TRUTH.

                        #History #Ethics #Rules
Gibril Saine,  London
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