Dear Pa,
It’s with complete dismay and shock that am writing this article to your most respected and widely read media concerning the shocking abnormalities that are ongoing in GAF.
The GAF under the leadership of CDS Kinteh and his sleeping and so-called Generals are holding our dear motherland into ransom. The following are the most serious activities undergoing in the country’s number one security sector that the political leadership are paying a blind eye for whatever reasons known to them.

1. INSUBORDINATION- One would expect a whole Chief Of Defense Staff to protect and promote the country’s interest and give the best of security advise to his commander in chief as far as military is concerned  and as well advise him where he thinks lies a security lapse, but for the case of the CDS is the complete reverse. Massaneh Kinteh in collaboration with his ”j” officers some of whom are close aides to the president himself are hell bend on undermining the current government and the army as a whole. Those officers will everyday parade themselves in his office after working hours and as well continously meeting the “U” leadership. The mathematics is simple, they are pledging their loyalty to the “U” leadership hoping that the next president will be from them so that they will continue to remain in the honeypot.
Another sign of undermining the government and military as an institution is the current general promotion of officers who were said to have sat to promotional exam where everyone passed. Some of the officers promoted can’t even spell the ranks they holding and the CDS blatantly lied to the whole world authenticating their promotion and the deputy CDS as the board chairman to that promotion must be accounted for that as the man who many claimed a man of integrity and well seasoned. Not long ago, a group of soldiers were arrested on the basis that they wanted to arrest the CDS and ask for his resignation, something that has never happened before and must raised questions as to why? The CDS has inculcated tribalism and nepotism into an army.

2. CORRUPTION- Those who know will bear me witness that his greed for money is an open secret, the vote allocated for GAF’s budget is long since exausted due to his greed for money. Since assuming of office, the CDS had travelled and still travelling like a merchant with no sign of he’s travelling for. Whenever he travels thousands of dalasis are given to him as per diem and at the same time collecting from government quota for per diem. This is different from thousands of dalasis that will be collected from GAF finance through his boy-boy and the director of Army’s finance Lt Col Musa Jammeh. According to sources, an instruction was given for GAF to pay his debts to his personnel who were being owed the source of that money was not even the army but the State’s Finance Ministry, yes a part of it was paid but still GAF is owing its members and a lot of noise is going around within the institution. The office of the CDS not long ago requested for its office to be furnished and from sources the Office of the President was kind enough to provide furniture but to the surprise of everyone that consignment of seats were diverted to CDS’s own home in Jarra and went ahead to dig into army’s little resource to furnish his office. The saddest thing of all is the fleet of vehicles that he’s in possesion of. Some camps are without operational vehicles but the self style and pompous CDS is having a fleet of cars some of which are given to his own neighbors to run his errands. We are all living witness to who the CDS was and materials in his possession before, this was the guy who after the demise of his father the people who attended the funeral don’t even have a proper place to seat so if that guy within this short duration is able to build mansons there should be a question mark. The Gambia belongs to all and no one person is better than another. The army under the current leadership and calibre of leaders in various positions is worrying. Enough is enough and the best time to achieve our aims by getting hold of the CDS and his so called generals is just at the corner when everyone will be busy thinking of the protesters in the streets…..



Written by a Concerned Gambian

Editors  note: The views expressed by the author do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. We are treating his claims as mere allegations until proven otherwise. Thanks for your attention.

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