An official of the opposition The Gambia Democratic Congress Party (GDC) MC Cham says he has been allegedly threatened by Sarjo Conteh, a military police officer. Cham, speaking to the Freedom Newspaper late Friday evening, says he was at a friend’s house, where Conteh allegedly threatened to break his legs if he (Cham) ever joins a group called three years “jotna” to protest against Adama Barrow’s government come December. The three years movement said come December, they will organize protest marches that would compel Barrow to relinquish power.  


Barrow had earlier promised to run a three years transition period after which he would resign and continue with his Real Estate business. He has since walked away from his promise. Barrow is currently busy consolidating himself in power.

When asked as to whether he has reported the matter to the police, MC replied in the negative. He added that he intends to file a police complaint against Mr. Conteh.

Contacted for comment, Sarjo Conteh vehemently dismissed MC Cham’s allegations against him. Conteh says Cham’s allegations are false and totally unfounded. He denied threatening to break MC’s legs as alleged by Cham.

“After threatening to break my legs, he also told me that there are one hundred soldiers currently training in preparation of quelling the December protest march. He also said the paramilitary are also on training. He said if he doesn’t break my legs, he would sleep with his mum,” MC Cham alleged.

Conteh said while he was hanging out with Pa Nderry Touray of Star FM, Omar Tunkara, and Saidou Camara, he decided to advise Saidou and co, not to take part in the much talked about December protest march. They were at Mr. Touray’s house at the time. He added that he also advised them to keep the peace and avoid associating themselves with any group bent on upsetting the country’s peace and stability. Conteh says Pa Nderry’s wife was in the house when he advised his friends.

“MC Cham was not part of the conversation. I later realized that one of his colleagues at the GDC had posted my picture on Facebook disparaging my reputation. The allegations are malicious and defamatory. There isn’t any element of truth into his claims. I am going to sue him to court on Monday for defaming my character,” Conteh tells Freedom Newspaper.

According to Conteh, he and MC Cham are buddies and they occasionally hangout.


“I was talking to Saidou Camara and others and he jumped into the conversation. As friends, I think I should give them good advice. His allegations are concocted,” Conteh claimed.

“The information he communicated to his party supporters is false. He had lied against me. I am going to institute legal action against him,” he said.

Also speaking to this author, was radio broadcaster Pa Nderry Touray. Touray says his wife was preparing dinner for his friends, when he heard a heated quarrel between Conteh and MC Cham. He added that what happened was a regrettable situation, which could have been avoided—given MC’s close relationship with his boys at the vou.

“We always hangout. We were watching football at my home. I told my wife to prepare a chicken dinner for us. I later joined my wife into the kitchen to help her expedite the dinner. While there, I heard an argument. We are good buddies and should be able to manage this unfortunate situation,” he remarked.

MC Cham had dinner at Mr. Touray’s home. Touray says he will try to speak to his friend MC to see how best he could reconcile him with Mr. Conteh.

Sunkaru Kanteh, also a member of the vou and a GDC supporter said he never witnessed the alleged incident. He added that he received a phone call from MC, who asked him Conteh’s real name.

“Conteh is often called FBI in our vou. I was bit suspicious. I asked MC why he wanted to know his name. I then told him that Sarjo Conteh was his real name. After talking to him, I read on Facebook Saidou Sowe, a GDC supporter colleague of mine talking about MC’s alleged incident with Conteh,” Kanteh said.

“Sarjo Conteh is our good friend. As a GDC supporter, I can attest that he had been giving us good advice. It is unfortunate that he and MC had a problem. As I am talking to you, we are hanging out  at my place,” he remarked.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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