An official of the opposition The Gambia Democratic Congress Party (GDC) MC Cham, says he has forgiven Sarjo Conteh, a military police officer, he claimed had threatened his life. MC says what happened between him and Conteh was a misunderstanding, and he has decided to let go and move on with his life. This followed an apology made by Mr. Conteh and his family to Cham to consider reconciling with the soldier. Cham accepted his apology in good faith.

It should recalled that Cham, speaking to the Freedom Newspaper late Friday evening says he was at a friend’s house, where Conteh allegedly threatened to break his legs if he (Cham) ever joins a group called three years “jotna” to protest against Adama Barrow’s government come December. Conteh has earlier denied the allegations.

The three years movement said come December, they will organize protest marches that would compel Barrow to relinquish power.

Barrow had earlier promised to run a three years transition period after which he would resign an continue with real estate business. He has since walked away from his promise. Barrow is currently busy consolidating himself in power.

Pa Nderry Touray of Star FM Radio and his vou mates championed the reconciliation between the duo. The reconciliation was held at Mr. Touray’s home, where both Sarjo Conteh and MC Cham forgave each other and shook hands. It was a reconciliatory moment. Conteh and Cham have decided to reconcile their differences.

The peacemaker Pa Nderry Touray prepared a reconciliation lunch for the duo. MC Cham arrived late for the super-kanja lunch.

Cham was present during the peace talks. He says he has wholeheartedly forgiven Mr. Conteh.

Following a breakthrough, group pictures were taken. Conteh and Cham took a picture, where they shook hands.


Speaking to the Freedom Newspaper, MC Cham said he has decided to forgive Mr. Conteh in good faith. He says his party leader Mama Kandeh had recommended that  the matter to be resolved peacefully, which occasioned Conteh and his brother to sincerely apologize to him.

“I have decided to let go. I am done with this matter. I have accepted his apology. We have both decided to reconcile and move on,” Cham remarked.

Cham said he has supported the three years jotna movement’s right to protest, but he clarified that he is not part of the movement. He had advised Mr. Conteh to focus on his job as a soldier and defend the territorial integrity of the country and her people.

Also speaking to the Freedom Newspaper, was Sarjo Conteh himself. He says the misunderstanding between him, and his buddy MC Cham have been peacefully resolved.

“We have ironed out our differences. Both MC and I have decided to forgive each other and move on. As I am speaking to you, we are together hanging out. We are about to go to the field to watch the game,” Conteh remarked.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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