The former Gambian Ambassador to Washington DC Sheikh Omar Faye was not in my good books during dictator Jammeh’s rule. I was equally not in Faye’s good books. This was largely due to my principled stance to expose a Corrupt and murderous government that he had dearly supported.

After the change of government back in December of 2016, Faye extended what he called “a brotherly love to me” and asked for a “reconciliation.” This was shortly after his appointment to head The Gambian Consulate in Jeddah. I responded back in the positive.

A former Freedom Radio Gambia Contributor Alhagie Salieu Njie, facilitated the reconciliation. Njie lives in Sweden. He had now relocated to Ireland due to work related commitments.

Faye told me that he was ready to reconcile with me and move on despite our past differences in political opinions, and beliefs. I told him that I was merely doing my required journalistic job during Jammeh’s era. I never hated him.

Recently, when I was hospitalized, Faye told a Banjul native based in the United States that it was sad for him to hear about my hospitalization. He also told the person that he spoke with that there were two people he hated most in The Gambia. My humble self Pa Nderry was among those he hated most. He said the second person was a relative of his.

After our reconciliation, Faye told me in a subsequent conversation that he prayed for me during his pilgrimage in Mecca, a move I appreciated. We have been cool since then.

For the record, Omar Faye has never been my source. He has never supplied me any information during his employment with the Barrow government. He had repeatedly appeared on Alhagie Salieu Njie’s show on Freedom radio. I have also interviewed him during his debacle with the sacked former Protocol and Welfare officer Ebrima Dibba.


It was this past week that the newly appointed Defense Minister Omar Faye contacted me via a WhatsApp chat to draw my attention to one my Freedom Radio Loral show radio recent program commentaries. In that program, I commented on air that Faye facilitated the release of the July protesters—rapper Killa Ace and co.

  • That, he allegedly met with the Justice Minister Baa Tambadou to discuss the pending criminal case.
  • That, shortly after his meeting with the Baa, the charges filed against the accused protesters were substituted to a bailable offense.
  • The previous offense brought against them was not bailable per Gambian laws.
  • That, Faye visited the mile two prison, where he met the detainees and assured them that their release on bail was in the making.

Faye has denied meeting Baa. He asked me to publish a correction of the commentary I made on air. I told him that I stand by my commentaries. I also asked him to send a rejoinder if he feels that what I said was erroneous. He never sends one.

Faye also told me that his visit to the mile two prison coincided with when IGP Mamout Jobe received information about the release of the 37 detainees.


During our chitchat, Faye mistakenly sent me a communication that was intended for another person. After reading the message, I asked him, if the message was meant for me, or whether was wrongly sent. He responded by saying that the message was meant for a cabinet colleague of his.

He asked me to delete the message. Faye says the message was meant for Bai Lamin Jobe, Works Minister. I had already taken snapshot of the message for my records.

“It was meant for my Koto Bai Lamin, but I have no regrets you seeing it. Kindly delete,” Faye remarked.

As journalists, we rely on information to perform our job. As the saying goes: “journalists are like fishermen. What do you expect if a fish mistakenly enters a fisherman’s fishing gears? That would be field day for the fisherman. The fisherman will not dump the fish into the water. He will take it.” I hope you understand where I am driving at.

Faye’s message interests me a lot in view of the following reasons. He earlier told me that he was in Saudi to hand over his previous office to his successor Ebrima Mballow, an in law of Adama Barrow.

His text message was sent to a cabinet colleague of his, whose job purview is not within the Foreign Ministry. His cabinet colleague was recently accused of corruption. His name is Bai Lamin Jobe, the Works Minister. Jobe’s office awarded the $35 million dollars Banjul road and sewage project to one Hadim Gai without any formal public tender.

Gai is an in law to the Alhagie Ousman Ceesay, the Chief of Protocol at the State House. Ceesay’s sister is married to Gai. Ceesay was recently indicted by the Janneh Commission for corruption. The commission recommended that he should be fired and banned from working in government. Adama Barrow rejected the Commission’s findings against Ceesay in his White Paper statement.

Faye’s message to Bai Lamin Jobe reads as follows: “ Please be informed that I spoke to Ambassador Salllah and we agreed that I sent a formal request through his office which I already did to ask for audience with the Defense Minister Crown Prince) with your advice, I can meet with anyone per your recommendation or wait for a formal response , where I can travel with my PS and Deputy PS if possible.”

Upon reading the above message of Faye, I began to believe that there is shadow mafia government in Banjul. Under normal circumstances, Faye should have channeled his request to meet with the Saudi Crown Prince MBS, through Foreign Minister Momodou Tangara, or Adama Barrow. But this was not the case. He has decided to channel it through his Banjul native brother Bai Lamin Jobe. Tangara was completely sidelined. His Ambassador Omar OG Sallah had approved Faye’s request without consulting with the Foreign Ministry—more importantly Foreign Minister Momodou Tangara.

Tangara’s relationship with Faye hasn’t been that cordial since their days as Diplomats in the United States, I was told. Faye was The Gambian Ambassador in DC, while Tangara, was head of The Gambian mission at the United Nations in New York.

It should be noted that the Banjul workers mafia are back in town. These were same elements, who misled former President Jawara and dictator Yahya Jammeh through their sheer greed and lack of love for country.

Ambassador Omar OG Sallah is a Banjul native. He was born and raised in Banjul. Omar Faye is a Banjul native. He was born and raised in Banjul. Bai Lamin Jobe is a Banjul native. He was born and raised in Banjul. Alhagie Ousman Ceesay is a Banjul native. He was born and raised in Banjul. Mamburay Njie too is a Banjul native. These are the folks working with Barrow to destroy our impoverished nation.

The million-dollar question is: Who is Bai Lamin Jobe to okay Faye’s request to meet with the Saudi Prince? Your guess is as good as mine Gambians.


The Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman was recently linked to the murder of the Washington Post reporter. Source: The reported was killed at the Saudi Embassy in Turkey.

Almost all civilized and democratic governments around the globe had condemned the reporter’s murder. For Mr. Faye to use his handing over to meet with the Saudi Crown Prince, speaks volume.

Saudi Arabia is an economic diplomatic milking ground for poor nations like The Gambia. Over the years millions of dollars of Saudi aid meant for the poor West African nation had been stolen by our leaders.

Dictator Jammeh posted his in law OG Sallah to Saudi to pursue his thievery for him. Sallah’s daughter Alima Sallah was married to Jammeh.

Adama Barrow also maintained the same OG Sallah following the change of government back in December of 2016. Barrow has appointed his in law Ebrima Mballow to head the Jeddah Consulate. Connect the dots Gambia.


Defense Minister Omar Faye has proven to be not security minded. The wrong message he sent to me had proven my assertion. He should safeguard his communications in view of the sensitivity and importance of the position he had been bestowed to occupy. His communications should be channeled through secured government-controlled networks unless he wants to be my source. Just kidding.

On a more serious note, I deem it imperative to disclose this information to Gambians.

When exposing a corrupt regime, I don’t want any corrupt friends, opportunists, and ass-kissers around me. Anyone helping the rookie thief to destroy poor Gambia, will not be spared. Get the message. I take my job very seriously. We shall prevail over these bandits. I rest my case.

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