Opinion: Barrow Youth Member, Who Had Past Business Ties With Gamtel Appointed Gamtel Board Member


We were very optimistic and truly believe that this time round, Government will get us the right board menbers to help move Gamtel/Gamcel in this highly competative enciroment. But what do we get?. We are highly dissapointed that politics has creeped into it and worst of all a high member of the Barrow youth movement is made deputy board chairman.

This man is no other than LAMIN SAIDY who is an active member of the BYM and worst of all he is currently engaged in a project with Gamtel and this has been on for the past years since Baboucarr Sanyang days. There is obviously a big conflict of interest and a through screening should have been done. This is a multi million dalasi business project and the circumstances inderwhich it was done with the former MD should have been investigated.

We are not happy with this project and he has been holdng Gamtel to ransom on this project forcing us to pay him over 100 million dalasis over the years. This project should be investigated as only the former MD knew the details and it costing us dearly.
Remember it was this same LAMIN SAIDY who together with Baboucarr Sanyang, Bala Jessay and the former SG that went to Kaninlai to introduce MGI to the former president. He has been a close associate of Saul badjie and Baboucarr Sanyang. I can confirm with certainty that he still owes Gamtel millions of Dalasis for an ISP called LINEX he established some 10 years ago and he has refused to pay for it with the help of Baboucarr Sanyang. I am 100% sure of this. How can you appoint such a man to the doard of directors of Gamtel. He hase so much commercial interest in this company and is doing lot of business with Gamtel to disqualify him from serving on the board. He sould have been honest to excuse himself but knowing him he is happy that he will now take advantage of his new position to milk Gmtel further.

We have firmer Gamtel stall like PA GAY was and excellent former technical director, Omar Ndow former MD of Gamtel, Bakary Njie for mer MD, Foday Ceesay former finance director and the list goes on. These were the people who made Gamtel the envy of Africa. Why not take one or two of them and put them on the board. These people have the interest of the company at heart and have lot of experience in managing Gamtel as they spent years here during the glory days. These people and active and available. Why ignore them and cloose politicians who have no interest and Gamtel but their personal interest especiall LANIN SAIDY who is enguaged with doing business 100% with Gamtel. I highly suggest he is taken out immediately and please check that he still has a bill of millions of dalasis owed to Gamtel during his Internet company called LINEX.

BY Abdoulie Njie
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