Dear Pa,


Be informed that students’ protest looms are at the UTG. The students are highly disgruntled by the manner in which the University is being administered.

Student leaders have called for calm until Thursday, when they have plans to meet with the admin. They equally threatening to support the students in the event of a protest.

The following are messages making roles on WhatSApp group pages for the protest.

“1. Lack of enough lecturers against the courses students are required to do.

  1. The unavailability of a spot to register on the portal after paying your money.
  2. The closure of classes when majority of the students, who have paid their hard-earned monies, are unable to register. Some are even on their final semesters and this means they must come back and pay next semester to take the courses.
  3. Missing grades! After sitting exams, one finds that you’re unable to see your grades on the portal. When you follow due process to get it solved, you’re been toyed with.
  4. The uncountable recklessness from the side of the admin towards the students. It’s time we realize that it is our little Dalasis that are feeding “the VC and his entire squad.”
  5. Fake Nigerian professors especial at Law Faculty, who stay normally start lectures are their own discretion in though the UTG calendar as resumed
  6. In the School of Businesses Administration, 500 students are newly admitted   while the said faculty only has 5 classrooms.

“We law students are the biggest victims . Lecturers ‘ll willingly make up marks and fail you and nothing comes out of it. The Dean ‘ll mark a class of 80 students and have their grades in the portal within 2 days. He ‘ll give u Cs and Ds. If u complain he ‘ll tell u As makes you arrogant. I mean WTF!!!!!! Is that his business. Give students what they deserve. And this applies to many lecturers”

From another student….

“The Change For The Gambia Must Start at the UTG”

Throughout history, a people’s model in search of justice or change will breed a divide between them and the powers that be. It has never been easy, and thus we should never offer the change we wish to see in our University an oversimplification, not the approach of protest. It is a fight against a systematic problem, pervaded across all the corners of University.

Respectfully, the authorities are not innovative in their administration of the University. Certain plights of the students could have been history today, yet one wonders where it went wrong since 1999. The University has failed in its own motto: Truth, Knowledge and Development.

To reverse this reprehensible episode, it begins with us, students speaking the truth to power, to hold the authorities to account and for us to be able to study as expected and gain the knowledge to development our society.

I am aware; that some students are deeply impeded in the detrimental culture of _“have your good grades and leave”_ that is irresponsible of them. As a privilege few expected to impact change in the society, we must always offer an insightful view and resolution to not only our plights but even that of the society at large. It is only then when we and our so called education shall be valuable.

While the Students’ Union’s position is highly respected, it is here advised to review itself and shift its approach towards holding the administration to account. Student leadership is long dead in this University of The Gambia and there is no need for us to battle over the truth that requires no apology.

Being reactive to students predicaments/reactions than being creative of solution is not the way.

Fellow students, unity must therefore be the keynote of our action! Let our plights be addressed now and now and never again!

It has nothing to do with fame of vanity, but a taste for CHANGE guided by great desire for nothing else but CHANGE!”

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