In another development, Bakary Gassama, Lamin Gassama, and co have decided to reprimand (charge) Yamundow Ndimbala, a staffer of DELAG. They claimed that Ms. Ndimbalan never reported to work after the Tobaski prayers. That, Ms. Ndimbalan had overstayed at her villager after the Tobaski prayers.

“Ms. Ndimbalan is being witch-hunted because she refused to be part of their lies during the recent cocaine interception at the ports. They wanted her to give credit to Lamin Gassama and his team for having intercepted the drugs, which she refused to do. She told the press that the drugs were discovered by workers, who were assigned to unload the container and not DELAG. They are mad with her. She was later transferred to the Brusubi DELAG station as a Child Welfare officer,” said our sources.

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