Barely less than twenty fours after the gruesome murder of a Bakoteh young man Alhagie Bojang, his alleged killers have been arrested by the police, Freedom Newspaper can reveal.  Alpha Jallow, 20 years of age, AKA Mofire and his co accused person Ablie John, were arrested in Tanji. The duo fled the scene of crime shortly after assaulting Mr. Bojang to death. Bojang was allegedly stabbed by Jallow. He was rushed to the hospital, where he died later.

“The alleged killers have been caught. That’s Ablie on the left and Mofire on the right. They were caught in Tanji,” said our source.

Tanji, is a Coastal Gambian fishing town. This followed a massive manhunt launched by the police to locate the alleged killers.

Reports have it that John and Mofire are being held at the Brusubi police station. We are yet to independently confirm the information. We can report with authority that the two have been arrested.

It would be recalled that Ablie John’s Dad was taken into custody by the police shortly after the murder of Alhagie Bojang.

Editor’s note: We want to commend The Gambian police for their timely reaction in investigating this matter. The speed that they have demonstrated in not allowing the accused persons to escape from justice  confirms their attention to details in handling and resolving crimes.

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