UTG Leaked Communication Hints About A Protest March Self styled ” OCCUPY PEACE BUILDING UTG.”


Dear All

In a bid to address the concerns expressed by the Student Union Leadership, Management convened a meeting on Tuesday 8th October, 2019 and deliberated extensively on the issues at hand.

The major highlights of the meeting are as follows:

1. Class size for core courses-50 students

2. Class size for other courses-55 students

3. Class size for GER courses-60 students provided the facility can accommodate it.

4. Faculty Officers have been instructed to allow students to register for courses of their choice even where the class size has been exceeded. In such situations, the Deans will submit plausible justifications to Management for the payment of the appropriate honorarium to the lecturer

5. UTG is obliged to accomodate all duly registered students. All duly registered students MUST attend lectures without let or hindrance

6. To meet the demands of students at the Kanifing campus, Management has rented classrooms at GTHI, GTMI and Daddy Jobe Comprehensive

7.. Similarly, Management has finalized arrangements with Gambia College for use of extra classroom facilities. The two institutions have synchronized their time table schedules

8. Management reiterated that on no account should students pay tuition fees after the registration deadline.

9. The deadline for registration/closure of the portal falls due on 11th October, 2019 at 12 MidNight.

10. Communication will be sent to all TRUST BANK Branches not to receive payments of tuition fees after the registration deadline.

11. Students are advised not to take the law into their own hands.

12. Students MUST respect approved guidelines and policies of the University. It is not permissible for none-registered students to attend lectures, sit to exams and subsequently request for their grades to be uploaded.

*Students reaction and a day has been chosen*

[10/9, 11:09]: This meeting was pointless🤦🏾‍♀cus they didnt address anything

[10/9, 11:11]: These ain’t enough, classrooms needs urgent rehabilitation and decent ventilation, we are not prisoners to cornered together in a tiny space with no decent ventilation nor air conditioning, while we pay their Bill’s and put food on their tables, they are occupying comfy offices fully conditioned. The toilets are unhealthy and unhygienic and never taken care of, and taking classes to different venues would only put more pressure and stress on us.

[10/9, 11:12]: Exactly
A whole university renting classes in other schools
Pathetic and disgraceful

[10/9, 11:13]: The emergency meeting which was slated to take place on Thursday between the Administration and the leaders of SU. Is that no gonna hold anymore? One party has already decided what they want to do not what works out well for the best interest of all parties.

[10/9, 11:19]: And what happens to facilities and lectueres thing?

[10/9, 11:32]: What of the issue of standard laboratory for the science students

[10/9, 11:42]: Pointless Meeting. The same situation remain… The problem is not solve but prolong because nothing have been address. How can the core courses size be 50 when there is only a lecturer offering it and there are 100 of students willing to offer it. 60 on the GRS courses when 1000 of students are waiting. *You see, SU will never solve this problem.* *We are the driving force and is time to act*

[10/9, 11:43] : We have to rise up!!!!!!!

[10/9, 11:45]: Bro I concord with you

[10/9, 11:50]: Definitely

[10/9, 11:51] : It’s written there that u sld allowed to register even after exceeding those numbers

[10/9, 11:52]: But is the SU not aware of the agreed class sizes in relation to the number of students and also the in adequate lecturers for certain courses bfo they agree on to this baseless points

[10/9, 11:52]: We wait for SU n move as planned?

[10/9, 11:53]: Did it say SU agreed?

[10/9, 11:50]: I am particular about point *11* 😼😼😼 which law? Protest is life… very normal!!!!

[10/9, 11:54]: 😂It made me laugh

[10/9, 11:58]: It is disgusting to be quite with attitude of the admin who are incompetent to administer to tge affairs of Utg. We are affected and if we don’t fight against it, our brothers and sisters will suffer more than we do. It is time to practic our education to inject change even if we are to take a radical mean.

[10/9, 11:59]: The admin will find it in the trash bin.

[10/9, 11:59] : Pardon my manners pls

[10/9, 12:00]: no problemo bro. we are in this together. just trying to make sure we do good nothing else

[10/9, 12:01]: Lets fight for our rights and make Utg a better place.

[10/9, 12:01]: Exactly and thanks for ur courage and understanding

[10/9, 12:05] : R.I.P OUR FUTURE.😡

[10/9, 12:24]: We will change the narration and the future will live forever.

[10/9, 12:47] : This is not enough….. Still things will remain the same….. I mean before renting classes, why not they use the money we are playing and construct a cell facilitate buildings for us to learn…… The SU need to push more…..

[10/9, 13:13]: U see brother, don’t rely on SU. They have exhausted their means… For decade they have been negotiating and the environment still remain poisonous for students. This is our Money, school and country. If they don’t have resources to run a uni, then let it be clear to every body that Gambia don’t have a University. But even primary schools don’t encounter such miserable.

[10/9, 13:14]: True and factual

[10/9, 13:14]: A fact is always a fact🤷‍♂🤷‍♂🤷‍♂

[10/9, 13:16]: Lets ready to act and rescue our generation and only institution from failing.

[10/9, 13:17]: Sure u right 💯% brother…… They cannot condition her while we paid our money….. How can they said 50 students for core courses, do they in fact know how many students go in for a core course for a semester….

[10/9, 13:21]: They have not mentioned any key issue. Lectueres and facilities

[10/9, 13:28]: The information is Deceptive, misleading and bogus. They’re all running away from responsibilities just to secure their pockets.

[10/9, 14:15]: Nice writings!! But no backing up….Our voices needs to be heard😎

[10/9, 14:33]: Hello! (When we say changes least mean it)I am a fresh student in university outside is Cool, lovely, and fun. Inside the spectrum is nothing but “Hell” for how long this is going to be persist their decisions are always unilaterally done. do we have to believe them again and let our studies be in jeopardy, or do we have to effect Change for a better so-called university for generations coming I think we had enough of this I call you by (Monday to OCCUPY PEACE BUILDING)if only you going to the university to become a catelyst of change in this country plz dnt miss this day but if you going to the university to increase your chances to be employable plz stay back

[10/9, 14:37]: Brave mind, Monday @ what time?

[10/9, 14:42] It’s there any plans in place! I just join new. If no we have to set it up. Very important:)

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