Close to three hundred newly recruited soldiers are currently being trained in preparation for the quelling of the much-anticipated December protest march to be organized by a group calling itself “three years Jotna.” Three years Jotnna is a Wollof dialect. It means “it is time for the three years.” The group intends to compel Adama Barrow to step down from power come December through a peaceful protest march.

It would be recalled that Adama Barrow had promised Gambians that he was going to preside over a three-year transition rule after which he (Barrow) was not going to run for office post transition era.

Barrow has since walked away from his promise. He says he wants to finish his five-year mandate as required by the constitution. He also claimed that three years was too short for him to deliver his campaign promises of national development to Gambians. Barrow has since started consolidating himself to power—given the formation of this Youth Movement and fans club.

Speaking to Freedom Radio Gambia’s prime time Civic Education show, Alhagie Cham Joof, a proclaimed supporter of the three years Jotna Movement said he had been reliably informed by his former colleagues in The Gambian army about Barrow’s plans to suppress the December protest march. Cham, widely known as “Sir Jackal.” says no amount of soldier’s intervention can stop them from asking Barrow to step down come December.

“Barrow’s plan is to use the newly hired soldiers to harm peaceful protesters. The game plan is to give police intervention unit officers uniforms to the new soldiers to quell the protest. I am calling on my brother IGP Mamut Jobe to be careful. He shouldn’t allow Barrow to use him to perpetuate himself to power,” Cham said.

“Adama Barrow is a failed leader. Even dictator Yahya Jammeh’s spits are better than him. He has betrayed the wishes and aspirations of The Gambian people. We are going to ask him to leave office come December. No one can stop us from organizing a peaceful protest. By this note, I am asking my friend Ebrima G Sankareh, the government spokesman, to consider resigning before the protest date. I do not want him to be this corrupt and irresponsible government. Barrow’s era is about to end. The army commander Mamat Cham should also avoid being used,” he added.

Abdoulie Sanyang, also a former soldier said some new soldiers are being trained ahead of the December protest march. Sanyang added that he is in support of the protest march.

“Adama Barrow is a disgrace to Gambians. He hasn’t performed any of the issues he promised to us. We want him to go,” Sanyang remarked.

A former Gambian soldier living in the US said one of his cousins was among the recruits being trained. He said Cham’s claims are accurate.

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