Attention: President AdamaBarrow, Minister of Justice, My Lord the Chief Justice and the Chairman National Human Rights Commission.

To begin with, I would like to seized this opportunity, to extend my sincere and heartfelt felicitation to Pa NderryMbaye of the impartial Freedom media establishment in the US and family, for his recovery from a recent unfortunate illness; the unpleasant message was received with absolute shock and immense concern by the Omar family; what less can be expected from us? We indeed subscribe to the traditional notion ofkula neh kal sinaage bi” nga nehkalko si ker ghi in ollof, MbayeMbasu, I wish you continued good health and prosperity.alamang nfamala a nyongolain mandinka,“Allah kaneh foo jawoola, bari Allah kana jawool, sawolondimaAmen, in mandinka; Pa Nderry has indeed abundantly demonstrated his irrefutable relevance in post dictatorship Gambia; congratulations for his zerotolerance to abuse of authority and all other rights violations, irrespective of where it emanates; certainly the only way forward for absolute media freedom in theGambia; zero tolerance to censorship in whatever form should be the watch word, the surest means to ensure that,the voiceless are also heard as marginalised members of society, that is what is referred to as all inclusive in the real sense of its meaning, democracy for all and sundry, zero tolerance to all forms of discrimination, this will certainly enable us as a people, to build and nurture a just society that, can guarantee sustainable peace and prosperity for all and sundry; we are indeed morally obliged to hand over a just society for future generationsto live harmoniously and off course in a dignified manner.

In a similar manner, I wish to also seized this opportunityto congratulate you, SG Jallow for the most revered appointment; the occupant of the supreme civil service bureau; an indeed most honourable position but  demanding in responsibility and undoubtedly a cause to rejoice and heartily celebrate with family and other well-wishers; congratulations SG Jallow; on that note, I pray to the Almighty Allah, to grant you the wisdom of executing your duties and functions, in a manner consistent with your oath of office; may Allah the Almighty continue to shower abundant blessing on you, family and the entire citizenry of this God fearing nation; once more congratulations, for the life time achievement. Jaaramaabeteh in fula.

In a similar vein, I wish to formally bring to your attention my predicament within the public service landscape ; His Excellency President Adama Barrow commissioned an investigation, consequent to a petition on abuse of authority that, I addressed to State House in January, 2019; the investigation process proper ended in mid-April, 2019 and the file was submitted to your revered office for a final decision by the desk officer, Ebriama Sanneh DPS at the presidency, but to no avail to this very day; this implies almost two years of inadequate response to mydemand for voluntary retirement and related issues; I hope your appointment will serve as a prelude to the amicable conclusion, of what I consider as a dark chapter in the annals of the Civil service history; I am indeed convinced by the assurance given to His Excellency President Adama Barrow at the swearing in ceremonythat, you and team will strive to succeed where your predecessors failed to deliver; certainly that, is the expectation, foot dragging and the culture of silenceshould be a thing of the past; this pro-impunity or refer to it as mal-administrative tools meant  to hold the citizenry to ransom, should never, ever be condoned especially in a civilised society like ours; your assertion was indeed buttressed by his Excellency’s pronouncement of zero tolerance for abuse of authority and that Public officialattitude of undermining State policies and programmes will never be condoned; certainly that, is the expectation within any given genuine democratic dispensation framework; the rule of law should serve as the key bench mark or reference point, for public official decision making processes; the undoubted expectation of all fair minded and God fearing persons. Mawdoo jooni ko golehmaa”  “Obooyi no beteh in fula. Thank you so much, God bless you.



Planning Director

Kuntaur Area Council


8th October, 2019.


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