Corruption Alert in the University of The Gambia.


Dear Compatriot,

There is a major corrupt exploitation of the students of the University about to happen in The University of The Gambia.

The students should be vigilant.

This involves the Vice  Chancellor and some members of the Management of the University.

Last year UTG and  Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) signed  a partnership on exchange program. It is highly believed that  Mr Jimmy Hendry Nzally, a PhD Candidate at the VUB and also a UTG staff spearhead the partnership. Former President of the Stidents’ Union, Fatou Jeng was also involved.

Four VUB Interns Start already started work at the UTG and one student, Mr Balang Marena is currently in Brussels ( VUB) as the first UTG student to benefit from the partnership.

The second badge of UTG students are due to leave for VUB next  year. This time, two students instead are expected to benefit from the partnership.


However, the Vice Chancellor has  decided not to advertise the opportunity for interested students to apply. Instead, he has already slotted two of his sons to benefit from the package.

No advertisement has been made.

A source close to the transcript department has revealed that the transcripts of the sons of the Vice Chancellor are already prepared for that purpose.

It is not clear if the student Union is in the picture.

The Vice Chancellor is due to leave in a year time.

The son of the Vice Chancellor [name withheld]  is currently at the UTG. He is accorded special treatment. A vehicle with UTG number plate [withheld] is dedicated to him with a special driver.

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