New details have started emerging following the arrival of Edward Singhateh into the country. Singhateh, who is the former junta Vice Chairman, landed at the airport over the weekend with the Nigerian airline called Air peace. He entered the country with a Diplomatic Passport. Airport security officers on duty had a word with him during his processing. No information had reached the officers on duty about his sudden home return. The officers were surprised upon seeing Edu at the airport.


Edu was asked if he could testify at the TRRC via Skype or to come in person in The Gambia. He decided to come home and face the TRRC.

His processing was delayed due to lack of clearance to let him into the country.Airport security workers on duty said they had no clearance to let Edu in. Phone calls were made to top security chiefs to seek their permission before letting Edu in.

TRRC’s Lead Counsel Essa Faal had to ask the officers to clear Edu and allow him to proceed with his journey, sources revealed.  Edu was later allowed to proceed in town. His Diplomatic Passport was taken away from him. It was seized.

It was few days ago that some Immigration officers handed Edu’s passport to one of his relatives. Edu picked up his passport  from his relative yesterday. He was on board a nice Range Rover.

Singhateh was accorded state protective services but he declined it. Notwithstanding, The Gambian state is on his tale. He is currently being monitored and protected by state security agents. Singhateh’s safety is an utmost concern to the government, a source told the Freedom Newspaper.

Singhateh is being hosted by his in law Badara Mbye, the Managing Director of Africell. Mbye is married to Singhateh’s sister Aminata Singhateh. Mr. Mbye’s driver took him to one of his relatives yesterday morning to pick up his Diplomatic Passport.

Edu Singhateh is determined to relate his story before the TRRC. He has been accused of killing Ousman Koro Ceesay, the former Finance Minister. He has also been linked with killing Sadibou Hydara, the former Junta Interior Minister. His name also came up in the mass execution of the about dozen November 11 alleged coupists.

In the meantime, Singhateh felt that a betrayal locally known as “Jangfa” has been hatched against him. He wasn’t happy when security officers held him at the airport. He phoned one of his relatives, decrying the way he was treated at the airport. His relative never came to his rescue that night. He met Edu, the following the day.

Edu is not sure if he would be allowed to return to Nigeria after his TRRC testimony. His family is concerned about what the future holds for him. Local charities have been taken out so that he wouldn’t be sent to jail during his home return.

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