Yahya Jammeh Buries A Ram Alive To Ward Off Bad Luck, Edwards Singhateh Tells TRRC


Yahya Jammeh Buries A Ram Alive To Ward Off Bad Luck, Edwards Singhateh Tells TRRC

A new front has now opened in the #BringJammeh2Justice Campaign as the former Defense Minister of the Armed Forces Provisional Ruling Council (AFPRC) made disturbing revelations that would raise eyebrows among defenders of animal rights. Edward Singhateh said Yahya Jammeh presented a ram to him for sacrifice as a way of warding off bad luck.

The former strongman of the Junta that seized power in July 1994 was Thursday giving his evidence before the ongoing Ninth Session of the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC).

He told the Commission that under the instructions of Gambia’s former longtime ruler, the ram was buried alive amid rising fears that the Vice-Chair of the Junta, Sana Sabally, was about to stage a coup.

“When I informed Jammeh that Sana was in his office, he (Yahya Jammeh) told me that he (Sana Sabally) is going to launch a coup,” Singhateh added. “What I deducted is Yahya Jammeh was afraid of Sana Sabally. He was petrified and felt threatened by him.”

The former ECOWAS Vice-Chairperson further stated that Jammeh was following the ordinance of a fortune teller who made it clear to him that if the animal resists during the process, it means there will be strong opposition during the coup.

It is widely known that ex-President Jammeh was fond of esoteric knowledge, which is of the important pillars of African spirituality.

However, the TRRC’s Lead Counsel, Essa Faal, failed to ask Edward Singhateh whether the practice of burying ram alive was growing rampant during the two-decade long regime of Yahya Jammeh.

To many observers, a veritable hecatomb may have taken place at State House as they suspect that animals were routinely buried alive at the direction of ex-President Jammeh who now lives in exile in Equatorial Guinea.

Meanwhile, defenders of animal rights would certainly have to double up in their efforts to make their voice heard: the victims’ centre only deals with past human rights violations committed under the previous regime…

Written by Abdoulie John

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