Letter To The Editor: Another Drama at the DLEAG


The Director General at the Drugs Law Enforcement Agency continue to put more pressure on his staffer Ms Yassin A Ndimbalan, former deputy spokesperson at the Agency.  MS Ndimbalan was paraded into the office of DG Gassama last Monday morning and according to rumors circulating within the building, the DG himself threatened Ms Ndimbalan with a serious demotion or dismissal in presence of other line Directors.

Yes!  The entire staff at the headquarters were taken by surprise when the news of her presence in the office of DG Gassama broke. I was also told that DG Gassama is holding Yassin Ndimbalan responsible for all the previous publications made by Freedom Newspaper and other social media networks against DG Gassama and his boy boy Lamin J Gassama aka Leffeh. They threatened her that if any other publication is made against them on social media again, she will be dealt with mercilessly. What DG Gassama should know is that nothing is hidden under the sun and we will continue to expose their actions. We have now established the security sector reform and no system of nepotism or corruption will be accepted again. We all fought for change and that change includes good leadership.
Followers of the media could recall that sometime in July 2019, the former deputy spokesperson, MS Ndimbalan made some top notch revelations about the 48 blocks of cocaine brought into the country by their crooked Lebanese business counterparts which didn’t go down well with them.  This caused her immediate transfer to Brusubi Station Child Welfare Unit with is the dumping ground of the agency.
Pa, my million dollars question is that why should the Director General and his boy boy Leffeh worry themselves or feel threatened and feel so uncomfortable with what is published on social media if their hands are clean. This is because they all have corruption running in their blood.
Pa, I nearly shed tears on that day when I saw this innocent lady walking towards the office gate going out. Pa, as a staff of the agency, I know this lady very well even though we work for less than 3 years. Yassin is very humble, respectful, very sociable towards everyone of us here. She is very kind hearted and hard working. She is simple and down to earth and have a good working relationship with us all. I don’t understand why she is been witch hunted by the DG. In the first week of this month, she was awarded a charge sheet with one week extra duties for going to Bansang for tobaski. I think it is time DG changes from being a cosmetic leader and take charge of the agency, and should stop threatening his staff just because he has the power.
We’re urging the Minister of Interior Mr Yankuba  Sonko and pleading with the government to come and rescue us. DLEAG seriously need change.
From an insider.

Please keep my identity confidential. I trust you my brother.

Editors note: The views expressed by the author do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper.  Thanks for your attention.
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