A Senegalese national has been accused of extorting money from visa seekers in The Gambia. Khadim Modou Ndiaye, AKA Serign Modou Ndiaye, is at the center of the visa extortion allegations. One of his alleged victims is Ms. Elifrida Camara, a 32-year-old Sierra Leonean national. She has alleged that she was falsely promised a France visa by Mr. Ndiaye, who allegedly obtained $2,500 dollars from her without providing the visa to her.

According to Ms. Camara, who has been living in The Gambia for over a year, Ndiaye had promised to secure her a visa to France together with her son. She was asked to pay $3,000 dollars, but according to her, she had already made a payment of $2,500 dollars to Ndiaye.

Ndiaye is said to be operating a consultancy firm at the Bokoteh tipper garage—just next to the mall.

Ms. Camara claimed that she was told by Mr. Ndiaye to avoid paying her monthly house rent for certain months because her purported visa was about to be issued. She added that in one of her payments she was instructed by Ndiaye to give $500 dollars to his sister, which she did. Ndiaye was out of town at the time.

She said she had made repeated demands from the accused person Mr. Ndiaye to provide the visa to her or return her money, but to no avail. She added that Ndiaye is currently in Senegal and would asked her to meet him in Senegal to pursue her visa to France.

Ms. Camara has contacted Mr. Ndiaye’s mum and sister on numerous occasions to help her recover her money from Ndiaye without much success.

Ms. Camara had a Sierra Leonean passport. She claimed that she and her son were promised a Gambian passport by Ndiaye, but Ndiaye never fulfilled his promise.

When asked whether she has reported the matter to the police, she replied in the negative. She said she decided to contact the Freedom Newspaper to expose Ndiaye’s alleged thievery against innocent visa seekers.

In a Facebook posting back in 2018, Ndiaye claimed that businessman Mustapha Njie was among those who inspired him.

“When inspired by those who lead by example and infused by their wisdom you can only trail and aim high! Thanks for being one of my biggest inspiration Mr. Njie,” he wrote.

Sheriff Jobe, a Gambian based in the United States also alleged that one of his family members is a victim of Mr. Ndiaye.

“He also took D50,000 from my niece,” Jobe told this medium.

Ndiaye could not be reached for comment.

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