Kanifing Fire Incident; Was It An Act Of Terrorism?


The Gambia, under Adama Barrow’s rule, is increasingly becoming a scene of mysterious fire incidents, organized gang attacks, and endemic official corruption. Not long ago, a passenger bus was caught on fire in Kanifing, just around the same location where the gas plant had some explosions over the weekend. The question Gambians are not asking including the state is: Are such incidents domestic terrorism related?  

It should be noted that we haven’t heard nothing as far as investigations into the first bus fire incident was concerned. The state hasn’t explained what occasioned the inferno.

It is not clear if it was an act of domestic terrorism. Domestic terrorism is an unlawful terror act. It can be carried out by folks interested in causing harm to a given society.

Given the global war on terrorism, The Gambian government shouldn’t be complacent in getting to the bottom of such incidents. It should treat matters with utmost priority.

On Monday, the clueless Gambian leader visited the scene of the blast in Kanifing, where he took selfie with the affected business owners. His stupid and ignoramus Defense Minister Sheikh Omar Faye stood behind him in that group picture.

Barrow said he has been riefed by his Intelligence Chief and Interior Minister about the incident. He added that he visited the scene of the incident out of curiosity. He wanted to see the level of destruction to property.

Barrow has also said in his speech that an inquiry would be set up to investigate the fire incident. We welcome the proposed probe.

It should be noted that no preliminary possible terror act investigation was conducted prior to his visit. The incident was never sealed as a possible crime scene.

It was being treated as a mere accident at the time of Barrow’s visit. Burnt cars and properties were being touched by visitors including Barrow’s delegation.

Given what we have seen on air, Barrow’s government has no clue about the security implications facing this country. They are more concerned about money, and properties and not the lives of Gambians, who voted them into office.

As we file this report, no one has been arrested. This government should enforce the law and stop playing with the lives of Gambians. The state should investigate and charge anyone associated with the bus and gas explosion incidents.

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