Gambia’s Vice President Isatou Touray disowns Lesbian daughter

Dear Sir / Madam,

The daughter of Vice President Isatou Touray came out as gay (lesbian) last year, ending her marriage and commencing divorce proceedings. In the UK courts this September (2019), the daughter (nyima) claimed her parents had disowned and disinherited her from their estate.

The Touray’s have accrued a very substantial estate in the Gambia from ancestral lands and numerous acquisitions made by Alhagie Touray, the former private physician to high profile individuals such as Osaino Darboe, and Isatou Touray who had a very lucrative role as founder and director of female rights activist NGO ‘Gamcotrap’. The role was so lucrative in fact she quickly became a target for former President Yayah Jammeh, who had Isatou arrested and imprisoned briefly on corruption charges.

It is perhaps ironic that if the daughters’ claims (sworn under oath in UK court) are true, then her mother who has fought as a life long gender activist should now disown her own daughter in this way. Gambia has a difficult relationship with gay rights, but if this is the example set by the Vice President in her private life, we can only assume a change in attitudes is a long time coming.



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