Response to FSQA Director General’s Brother Musa Jallow


Response to FSQA Director General’s Brother Musa Jallow

All Government vehicle are only to be driven by an official with OSGG (Government Driving License) in our case the Director General’sbrother, MUSA JALLOW has been seen and known at most times to be driving the Director General’s vehicle (FSQA1) and other vehicles of the Authority (i.e saloon car), both when the Director General is in country or out of country.

The Authority is composed of the Director General and staff. All employees in the Authority in one way or the other are entitled to certain benefits for motivation purposes. The Director General has however shown over the years the contrary of what is expected, the benefits, being mentioned by the staff does not mean the travels or trainings in this context, but means benefits that family members enjoy from this office should in all instances be enjoyed by the staff. The issue ofcars, in particular is being misused at any time, both during work hours and after working hours by immediate relatives of the Director General andremote relative as well. The family of the Director General has greatly been abusing the officevehicles and drivers after hours as well.

The family members of the Director General will directly communicate to the chief driver whenever they want to use the office vehicles and during these times drivers are asked to run such errands by the chief driver. These are issues that are directly coming from staffs (drives) of such happenings.

The Brother of the DG ( MUSA JALLOW), on Wednesday 8th August, 2018 contacted  staffs of the Authority to direct the issuance of fuel to the Director General ‘s car, that he is using as his errand vehicle both day and night, at a time when the Director General is out of country , Please kindly note that the Director General was issuedfuel few days before her departure out of country and the call to fuel the government vehicle by her brother was two weeks after the issuance of the fuel (D25,000).

In the same vain, the Director General was contacted on the refusal of issuing the fuel for her vehicle without getting approval from her. She however, responded to the issue in a manner that was not in any way best management practice, by stating that, she should not even have asked about fueling her vehicle, because she is the dg, the accounting offer and the person responsible for signing off, as she will not be asked why she took extra fuel for her car.


Now let’s break down Musa Jallow’s lies on his article on freedom newspaper

Deputy Director NPHL

We recently discovered from sources that she was fired from this job for lack of competence.

AU – PACA (African union Partnership for Aflatioxin Control in Africa.

PACA there are a lot of holes in Pa Musa’s explanations. The PACA country coordinator was harassed and forcefully removed from the FSQA office. This is an AU project which is a good initiative for the Gambia and FSQA. This should be looked into.

Mr. Jallow claimed that the Board seated from 2012 to 2018 before it was dissolved by the former VP, Darboe. This cannot be furtherfrom the truth, we have three Board chairsfrom inception to date, namely :-

Mr. Muhammed Sillah son of Sankung Sillah

Mr. Famara Bully Sanyang

Mr. Dr. Badara Loum current Board Chair

The Director on 1st July what was supposed to be a staff meeting turned briefing she informed us that in October our board chairleft because he got a new contract with the Ministry. After the Board Chair left, that’s when the forma vice president Darboe decided to dissolved the Board.

Lack of staff meetings

Since 2014 to date we only had two to three staff meetings with limited speeches from the staff. However a memo was sent to all staff informing them of a staff meeting on 1st of July, 2019. In the meeting the Director General opening remarked was that she herself cannot remember when was the last time we had a general staff meeting and added that she cannot blame anyone but herself because she seem to be the one lacking in meetings and hoping that the new HR manager will hold her feet to the fire so we can have this meetings regularly. Also in the meeting she informed us that they have not have a Board sitting for the longest time and that in October our Board Chair Mr. Sanyangleft because he got a new contract with the Ministry and added that a board chair has to be a private person. After the Board Chair let that’s when the forma Vice President decidedto dissolved the Board.

Please note that on this scheduled general staff meeting an agenda was prepared by the HR manger to allow heads of departmentsand staff to share their opinions and suggestions for a way forward but unfortunately this was rejected. She stated clearly in front of every staff that this was a 30minutes briefings and she will be the onedoing the briefings. During the meeting, a staff raised his hand to ask a question and he was told by the Director General in her own words NOPEhave already said no and somebody has already tried it (“no one is allowed totalk). She informed everyone that if you signed the attendance list you can go back to work. Which he did and she was not happy with the officer’s action and asked the HR Manager right there and then to write a memo to him.

The HR manager advised that the memo should first come from the officers line manager (in this case director of scientific affairs) not the HR officer (HR being the last resort) as she understood the reaction of the staff having prepared for a general staff meeting after not having one for a very long time and only to be told otherwise (that the meeting is going to be a briefing and no one is allowed to talk, her exact words were “if you want to speak see me in my office”.

After this incident the director became very hostile towards the HR manager and asked the Director of (Finance her line manager to inform her to either resign or be fired).


About the PhD qualification, where is the proof? As far as we are concerned she never completed the course (never defended her thesis)


By A Concerned Staffer

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