Will the Real Lawyer Darboe Please Stand Up…?


Will the Real Lawyer Darboe Please Stand Up…?
By Capt. Ebou Jallo rtd, 7 October, 2019

The UDP is imploding from within and it is going to disintegrate as a party very soon. I have been given about three names who are now competing to be nominated as the party flag bearer for the 2021 presidential elections. The talk within the UDP ranks is that Ababacarr Ousainou Darboe is old and getting senile. He is incoherent, inconsistent, confused and also compromised with at least two legal logjams (tax evasion and dismissal from Barrow’s Cabinet). UDP cannot risk making him a presidential candidate because people will remind him of his “wah-wahet.”
If Darboe’s privileged status with the UDP is threatened then he will undermine the UDP by declaring his retirement from politics. The UDP revolves around Lawyer Darboe’s personality and this makes the party a cult instead of a democratic political organization. Darboe’s earlier convictions concerning the Coalition 2016 MOU are in total contradiction with his pronouncement of the UDP press release yesterday:
1. Lawyer Darboe as Secretary General of UDP and Vice-President of the Gambia: “I do not think that any one in his right mind or anyone who still knows how the constitution of this country works will advocate that Mr. Barrow should step down at the end of the three years… Such a statement is a non-starter and I have made it known that I will be the one who will challenge the unconstitutionality of such an arrangement in court….”
2. Lawyer Darboe as Secretary General of UDP and speaking for the UDP: “The UDP urges …H.E. President Adama Barrow to be faithful to the terms and conditions of the Coalition 2016 and to also fulfill his promise to the Gambian electorates that if elected he will serve a term of three years and step down to supervise free, fair and transparent Presidential elections.”
Only a schizophrenic human being can entertain such contradictory convictions in one single mind…, unless Lawyer Darboe wants to tell the whole world that he has no integrity, believes in nothing and stands for nothing but his own personal aggrandizement. The UDP ranks are now awakening to their complicity in this grand deception, and are yearning to break even with the Gambian voters. Hence, there is a lot of talk for the replacement of the “Old Man” who has gone wayward. And he should be replaced as soon as possible because Lawyer Ousainou Darboe has outlived his usefulness in Gambian politics. He is now redundant and turning into a catalyst of divisive politics, identity politics and politics of mass deception. Gambians must put an end to his brinksmanship and adventurism less the country slouches into another crisis.

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