Lawyer Ousainou Darboe of the opposition United Democratic Party (UDP) is Gambia’s most inconsistent politician in our lifetime. His recent pronouncement in which he called on Adama Barrow to respect the three years Coalition agreement, was contrary to his initial statement that the three years transition rule was unconstitutional. Darboe is Darboe. He only cares about himself and his party—the UDP and not The Gambia. It is about time for Gambians to recognize this phony guy called Darboe. He is not an honest politician.

It should be noted that Darboe is on record for having claimed that the Coalition MOU was never signed. It was his contention that the widely quoted MOU was not legally admissible.

He also told the nation that Barrow was voted to serve a five-year mandate. He even went as far as stating that he was committed to suing anyone bent on forcing Barrow to step down from power within three years.

Darboe doesn’t believe in himself. What do you expect from a flipflopping man, who doesn’t believe or trust his own views on national issues?

His support for Barrow was based on opportunism. He foolishly thought that Barrow was going to handover the Presidency to him after the five years transitional rule. Now that he has been sacked together with his team, he wants to recalibrate his past statements.

Let no one fool you that Darboe’s past statements do not represent the position of his party. Darboe’s remarks were never disavowed by his party and supporters. Check this statement below coming from one of his cult followers.

Darboe was the main mastermind of the so-called tactical alliance. He refused to accept the MOU arraignment, which encourages parties that formed the Coalition government to sponsor independent candidates in the past National Assembly elections. Darboe’s reason was that if he entertains the MOU, his party was going to die. He settled for parties to sponsor their own candidates.

Darboe is his own political enemy. His polarizing nasty political gimmicks had led to the twenty-two years of the Jammeh dictatorship. He doesn’t believe in unity, but division.

For God sake, he should desist from tearing this country apart. If he wants to be President, he should pursue it democratically. Hiding in the name of campaign promises to render this country ungovernable would only retard our democratic process.

Darboe should be blamed for the shortcomings of Gambia’s transition rule. He had separated the original team that used to cordially work with Barrow for his own selfish gains. As the saying goes: “You reap what you sow.” Darboe’s political life represents retrogression.

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