The Gambia Music Union Says The Artists, Who Visited Barrow Has Nothing To Do With Their Union


Press release from The Gambia Music Union:




The Music Union of the Gambia is aware of the recent visit of a few Gambian Artists to the Office of President. We understand its was arranged and facilitated by PRESIDENT BARROW’S YOUTHS FOR NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT together with Lamin Cham (DJ Champion Sounds)

The Artistes that were present went there at their own will on contract basis by the above mentioned bodies and had nothing to do with Gambian Artists or Music Union as a whole.

They presented a “PEACE INITIATIVE ” Project which the Union isn’t against, we believe Maintaining Peace is key and the first step towards developing any nation and Gambia is not an exception to that fact.

What we are against is siding / working / affiliating with any political groups, parties or political related gatherings in the name of Gambian Artist or Musicians.

We believe their are right channels such as our line Ministry Of Youth & Sports or Ministry Of Tourism & Arts/Culture to facilitate such projects together with The Music Union Of The Gambia / NCAC.

The Union is made up of different Artistes/Musicians with different tribes, backgrounds and political views, What brought us together is the MUSIC and we want to keep it that way.

Due to the present situation of the country, The Timing of the meeting and the Body Facilitating the meeting didn’t sit well for alot of Artistes & the executives of The Music Union. Our believe is in order to strengthen the Music Union as an institution which has a an executive with a mandate.

The Music Union Of The Gambia advices artistes to distance themselves from politics and if one wants to take part should do it on it’s own will and not in the name of Gambia Artists / Musicians / Music Union.

Our Music Industry lacks structure which we have been struggling to put in place and we believe working with the government could make this possible but only if its Channel tothe right institutions/ offices.

We want to use this opportunity to inform all artists that the Executive Will in a few weeks call on congress. We are equally happy to report that the constitutional Review committee Will report on the drafted constitution for adoption and election of yet another executive to run the affairs of The Gambia Musicicians Union in the years to Come.

In the spirit of Peace and the Development of Gambia we salut you.


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