An Open Letter To ‘Ba’ Tambadou

An Open Letter To ‘Ba’ Tambedou
By Saidina Alieu Jarjou
Mr Minister, I write to you with mix feeling to register my dismay and total dissatisfaction beyond mountain Everest. With regards to your recent uncalculated move by threatening our newly found democracy.
Please be informed that your intellectual bankruptcy will create a clownish in you. The last time I checked since your appointment you have proposed irresponsible laws which many including myself believe are a replica of Jammeh’s administration.
However, the recent immorality proposed bill of yours is not only discriminatory but garbage that needs to be disposed at the Bakoteh dumping site by KMC.
Besides, are you suggesting that your parents are more unique than ours? Since the said discriminatory law is to protect some of you elements while excluding others.
Furthermore, kindly note that we will not watch you either any element to hijack our freedom of speech. You are not forced to occupy the position, therefore if you can’t handle the heat submit your resignation letter once for good.
I am wondering if there could be a bill on the floor of the national assembly by hanging anyone who mismanages, embezzles and loots government coffers to death?
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