On the Current Debacle at Nawec: System Failure


On the Current Debacle at Nawec: System Failure

I have always had great respect and admiration for the man who is the new Managing Director of NAWEC because of his academic prowess. When we enlisted for the A’Level Science class at  Gambia High School In the mid-90’s the name Alpha Robinson resonated with excellence. 

However, the academic prowess of nerds does not necessarily translate into results at the helm of the corporate world. Perhaps that is why people like the apple legend Steve Wozniak, kept himself at the background applying his rich mind in the labs.

When news emerged that Alpha Robinson was appointed M.D. of NAWEC, I demurred despite the fanfare shown by some excitable social media enthusiasts and vested interests. I thought it was quite disingenuous to appoint a person who lived all his adult life in the West to come and manage the most critical and troubled institution in this country. I remained mute because the obvious response to any critique at that time would have been to accuse me of harbouring ulterior motives.

But now the results have started emerging and the outcome is unflattering. We can all feel the degeneration and inconsistency in service delivery under the new head. 

Clueless about the nitty-gritty of that complex behemoth, he is being cajoled and hoodwinked by vested private interests; a clique that has no motivation but Machiavellian personal gain.

The M.D. is allegedly making life unnecessarily difficult for the patriotic young men and women who have sacrificed for years trying their best for NAWEC while he was busy enjoying big pay and better life in the west. 

I know the need for strict leadership in state-owned enterprises and I have been a tough leader at one. But there is no justification for curtailing legitimate pecuniary gains of your subordinates when you are fully enjoying your share. Given our very low pay scale in this country, it is totally disingenuous to mess up with the incentive structure of any corporate body. Staff should be held accountable and pushed to deliver but curtailing remuneration is wrong.

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