Gambia’s rookie President Adama Barrow is taking a swipe at his perceived critics, haters and opponents, Freedom Newspaper can report. Speaking at the commencement of his meet the farmers tour in Kuntaya, in the Niumis, Barrow boasted about the crowd size of his tour. He even jokingly asked his Health Minister Amadou Samateh to please help provide high blood pressure medicine for his opponents, whom he said, had been claiming that he doesn’t have a solid support political base.

“No one can deny that I have a strong crowd behind me in this tour. To those claiming that I do not have a strong support base; the crowd is right here. I think the health Minister Samateh should provide them with high blood pressure pills to cope with the unprecedented crowd following me,” Barrow remarked in the Fulani local dialect.

Barrow also took a swipe at the former PPP rule headed by the late President Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara, and the former Yahya Jammeh’s APRC government. He said the two governments couldn’t bring electricity in Kuntaya, but his government was able to do so. He also bragged about the road projects his administration had brought in the Nuimis.

Commenting on the country’s health sector, Barrow said his administration places utmost priority to the said sector. He said his government had invested heavily in the health sector.

“There were times certain surgical operations couldn’t be carried at the hospital. But today, thanks to our intervention, most operations are successfully conducted at the hospital in Banjul,” he remarked.

Mr. Barrow also talked about the recent admission of the Health Minister’s mother at the Edward Francis Small teaching hospital. Samateh’s mom was suffering from toothache, according to Barrow. Samateh used to visit her at the hospital.

“The Health Minister never referred his mom overseas for treatment. He ensured that his mom was treated in The Gambia. We are all equal. We will use our health facilities to treat our families if they are sick,” he said.

He added that his doctor works at the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital.

Barrow’s speech also centered on the need for Gambians to respect the rule of law. He said there cannot be development in the absence of peace and stability. He also called on the public to respect the police.

Barrow had also praised the Giggo family in his speech. He said he had been friends with the Giggos prior to him becoming a President.

Speaking earlier, Tourism Minister Hamat Bah said President Barrow is Gambia’s miracle. He called on Gambians to pray for Barrow.

Bah maintains that Barrow is here to stay come what may. He warns those bent on spearheading trouble to give peace a chance. Failure of which, he warns that law breakers would face the full scale of the law.

Bah also addressed his cabinet colleagues in his speech. He called on his colleagues to rally their support behind Mr. Barrow.

“We are all politicians, with the exception of the Justice Minister. To those saying that we shouldn’t engage in politics, they are getting it wrong. We are here because of politics. If they can organize meetings and campaign, why can’t we organize meetings too. Do not mind them,” Bah remarked in the Fulani language.

Bah has described Barrow “as a good and democratic leader.” He said Barrow is one of  the best and humble leaders that The Gambia has ever had.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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