An Open Letter To The Managing Director Trust Bank Gambia Ltd.


An Open Letter To The Managing Director Trust Bank Gambia Ltd.

By Saidina Alieu Jarjou

Sir, please be informed that I am a client of your bank for the past 5 years and I hold a current Account up until now. It is in that regards I wish to bring to your notice via an open letter, and to register my total dismay on your services beyond human imagination. The last time I checked your mission is to be the leading bank in The Gambia by operating a profitable banking institute, which meets the needs of all local, international, corporate and individual clients’ and return excellent results to your shareholders.

Sir, I don’t intend to be offensive, but I want to put it to you that your services are the worst based on my personal experience and other colleagues too. Some time ago I got only D8, which I used as transport fare to go to your Lamen Branch. Unfortunately, as I approached the ATM machine only to be told that ‘‘it is out of service’’. How I wish you understand the pain I went through after informing my wife to wait for me so she can go to the market.

In another note, my lovely wife who was one of your loyal customers also abandons your bank two weeks ago for Guaranty Trust Bank. She also went through hell in accessing your services. I believe it is unfortunate since customers might not need to pass through a bottleneck to enjoy the services they want.

Furthermore, earlier Wednesday 27, November 2019 I reach at your Westfield Branch at 7:30 am and went straight to the ATM to withdraw some cash. Unfortunately, the system was not working and I had to wait for another 30 minutes till the opening hours. Upon opening at 8:00, I went to the Officer in Charge, whom I narrated my constraint that I came to use the ATM but it is not working and I don’t have my cheque book with me. Could you imagine I had to go from one desk to another before I can withdraw which lasted for about 40 minutes? 

Apart from the mysterious ATM, I have to say that for quite some time, I have faced an irritating problem. Besides, it doesn’t matter what time or what day of the week, whenever I step in your bank, there is always a huge crowd of customers standing in long queues and waiting for the Cashiers to provide services. On many cases, I had to stand in the long queue for more than 2 hours just to withdraw cash. This is intolerable for me and I can assure you that I am not the only customer having this grievance but there are thousands of other customers complaining about the same issue.

Surprisingly I don’t know what is the issue why your service delivery is poor and why it takes so much time for the cashiers to provide services to customers but it is quite clear to me that if I have to stand in a line for more than two hours, there is something wrong with your system. Therefore I am hereby making a formal complaint so that you can step in as per the above subject matter and find out what the problem is and how to fix it for better service delivery.

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