Momodou Sabally, a former political freelancer and Barrow supporter has joined the United Democratic Party (UDP). This followed his indictment by the Janneh Commission. He was indicted by the Commission for aiding and abetting dictator Yahya Jammeh to steal millions of dollars from The Gambian government. Sabally was also banned from holding public office for the rest of his life by the Commission.


On Thursday, Sabally visited the UDP Leader Ousainou Darboe at his residence, where he announced his intension of joining his party. He told the Star FM radio in an interview that he decided to join the UDP because of the party’s good policies towards the liberation and development of the country. He added that majority of his family are also supporters of the UDP; hence he deemed it imperative to join the party.

Sabally was supporting President Barrow until his recent indictment by the Janneh Commission. He has denied reports that he joined the UDP because of his indictment by the Janneh Commission.


Sabally is contesting the findings of the Commission in the courts. He told Star FM that no one can ban him from serving his country. He claimed that he is going to work for a UDP government at the end of Barrow’s government.

Sabally had complained about the outcome of the Janneh Commission during his interview with Star FM. He says the likes of Mamburay Njie and others, who were equally indicted by the Commission have been allowed to work in the government without facing any indictment. He claimed that he was not surprised by the Commission’s findings.

Sabally had served as Secretary General and Presidential Affairs Minister under Jammeh’s rule. He was also the former Secretary General of the APRC party.

“I am worried about the future of this country. This is a dark country. The current administration is not steering the affairs of the nation well. Youths have been neglected. I do not think they can run this country,” he said.

According to Sabally, the late Lang Marong of the UDP took him to Ousainou Darboe, following the change of government back in December of 2016. He says Lang’s goal was for him to join the UDP, but at the time he hasn’t decided to join any political party.

“I have now decided to join the UDP. I am now a member of the UDP,” he remarked.

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