Freedom radio listener takes on Sabally


Pa Nderry
Just following your radio relay of Momodou Sabally’s interview after joining UDP.
If I may ask:
– Was it not the same dude who said on TV, when he was dictator Jammeh’s SG or Minister, that Mandingoes will never again be President in The Gambia?
– Was he not the lounge lizard who, as SG of APRC, was seen lambasting the same UDP that he now joins?
– Was he not the same staunch supporter and praise singer of dictator Jammeh?
– Was it not the same guy who tried his best to ingratiate himself with the Barrow government and went about talking about the formation of a Barrow Youth Movement?
To me, this guy is a Kakatarr camelion or an opportunist or an attention/relevance seeker or perhaps he has 22 tongues in his mouth.
He has no political acumen or any integrity.

From a concerned follower of Freedom Radio.

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