Presidential Deputy youth adviser Saihou Mballow thinks that Momodou Sabally, the former Presidential Affairs Minister in Jammeh’s rule is mentally stable and he (Sabally) needs an urgent psychiatric medical evaluation.  Mballow was speaking during Freedom Radio Gambia’s Sunday prime-time Leral show. According to Mballow, Sabally’s recent behavior shows that he is sick, and he needs psychiatric evaluation. “Momodou Sabally is sick. His recent defection from one political party to the other shows, how confused and mentally deranged he is. He has been jumping from one party to the other. If he was in other countries, he would have been accorded mental help evaluation,” Mballow.

Mballow says he has no problem with Sabally joining the political party of his choice, but he is equally concerned about Sabally’s lack of political consistency. He added that it was Sabally, who was used by dictator Yahya Jammeh to insult his own tribe the Mandinkas, and the United Democratic party.

“I am a victim of Sabally’s dirty politics. I could remember Sabally attacking me, and the UDP on GRTS; branding us with all kinds of phony allegations. Today, the same Sabally has announced to join the UDP,” Mballow remarked.

Sabally is on record for having denied supporting any political party prior to him joining the UDP. He claimed that his decision to join the UDP was done in good faith; hence rebuffing claims that he was out to settle scores with the Barrow administration.

Sabally was among the former Jammeh officials indicted by the Janneh Commission. He has been banned from occupying public office for the rest of his life. Sabally is contesting the Commission’s findings in court.

According to Saihou Mballow, Sabally should have remained with the former ruling APRC party than joining the UDP. He said it was the APRC, who hired Sabally to occupy important positions in the past administration.

“I do not think that Sabally has credibility. If he does, he wouldn’t be perambulating all over the place. I want to believe that he joined the UDP because he is angry with President Barrow’s government. This is a nation of laws. The Commission’s findings against him, cannot be interfered with. The rule of law must be observed. President hasn’t done anything to him,” Mballow remarked.

“Momodou Sabally has no political influence in this country. Sabally joining UDP doesn’t mean pose any threat to the Barrow government. Sabally’s biological sisters and family members are all supporting President Barrow. We do not think that he is politically important to pose as threat to our base,” Mballow added.

Sabally has in the recent past supported President Barrow and his newly formed Youth Movement. He was also in support of President Barrow’s five years mandate to rule The Gambia.

“Here is a guy, who couldn’t secure job in the current administration. He is bitter with the government. He should keep the faith and know that if God says he is going to work in the government, he will certainly serve one day. In my view, Sabally, is sick and he needs help,” Mballow said.

Mr. Sabally couldn’t be reached for comment.

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