President Adama Barrow’s Deputy Youth Adviser doesn’t think the leader of the United Democratic Party Ousainou Darboe, has any future prospects of becoming a President in The Gambia. Saihou Mballow, speaking to Freedom Radio Gambia’s prime time Leral show, notes that given Mr. Darboe’s lack of control of his party, and his supporters dastardly conduct, Darboe becoming a President in The Gambia would be virtually possible. He says Darboe’s supporters had earned their fame through insulting, harassing and threatening people online. He noted that Gambians do not need such a hostile party to rule them.

“I do not think that Ousainou Darboe has any prospects to rule this country. That prospect is no longer there. He is now heading a political party that he has no control of. His supporters have become an affront to his prospects of ruling Gambia. They are not helping him and the UDP. It is important to note that half of Darboe’s supporters, who do not want to be part of that ugly fray, had left him to join President Barrow. Today’s UDP poses no threat to the Barrow government. If President Barrow decides to contest the 2021 elections, he is going to win,” Mballow remarked.

According to Mballow, Darboe has been found wanting in not denouncing the rudely behavior of his supporters. He added that any good leader would have disavowed the conduct of such reckless and arrogant supporters.

“Darboe is not doing any good to the UDP. He is apparently watching by allowing his supporters to insult perceived and non-perceived opponents of the UDP. They spent a lot of time on social media insulting people. It has reached a point that Darboe has no control over them. That’s why I am telling you that Gambians wouldn’t vote for such a party to rule them,” Mballow added.

According to Mballow, Darboe’s UDP party was also allegedly behind the harassment of the opposition in the early days of President Barrow’s rule. He cited the arrest of the APRC supporters, the opposition GDC among others as UDP’s quest to muzzle opposition activities in The Gambia.

“Darboe was in charge of the government back in 2017. He was running the show. President Barrow had accorded him the respect he deserves as his “adopted father” but Darboe couldn’t manage the affairs of the country well. It was during Darboe’s watch as a shadow President that the likes of Mama Kandeh were summoned for questioning by the police. Seedy Njie was also arrested. Fabakary Tombong Jatta, and other APRC supporters were harassed. Do you remember the political fracas between the UDP and the APRC supporters in Busumbala? Do you remember when the APRC touring convoy was attacked at the President Barrow’s home village? Do you remember when the GDC supporters and MP Alhagie Sowe were arrested in Jimara? Do you remember the APRC supporter, who was arrested in Gunjur and harassed? All these happened when Darboe was running the government. Under today’s Gambia, you will not hear such harassment of the opposition. President Barrow is a tolerant leader. People have been insulting him online and he never ordered for their arrest. Barrow respects human rights,” Mballow remarked.

Mballow thinks that Darboe’s leadership would bring peace in The Gambia. He says the UDP leader had caused more bad publicity for President Barrow’s government than good. He recalled when members of the opposition were being arrested and interrogated at the State House, when Darboe was calling the shots.

Mballow has also rebuffed Darboe’s claims that President Barrow had been falsely taking credits of developmental projects that he (Barrow) had never done during his tour.

“Darboe’s claims are false and unfounded. All the projects that President Barrow mentioned during his tour were ushered by President Barrow’s government. It is dishonest for Darboe to spread false information against the President,” he said.

Mballow also maintained that Kadijatou Jallow had defected with four hundred GDC supporters to Barrow’s team. He says Ms. Jallow had provided the ID Cards and voters cards of the defectors.

Mballow says Barrow’s meet the farmers tour was a huge success. He thanked President Barrow’s team for facilitating such a success story tour.

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