Police Spokesman Sheds Light On The Issue Of Chinese Muslims


In wake of intense rumours surrounding the case of three Chinese Muslims who were reportedly left stranded in The Gambia for more than a month-long period by air liner, Police spokesperson, Lamin Njie, broke his silence over a case that has sparked waves of speculations.

In an attempt to set the record straight, the Police’s Public Relations Officer (PRO) confided to this medium that the trio were intercepted on 27th October 2019 at Banjul international airport as they were about to set off towards Ukraine via Brussels (Belgium).

“Mr.Kueban Mamuti (passport number:E67165833); Mr. Dlilixati Maimaiti ((passport number:E72074889) and Mr.Aderhan Kueban (passport number: E67165831) arrived on 27th October 2019 from Turkey via Morocco,” he added.

Njie further stated that they were denied access to the flight by Brussels airline on the basis that the Ukrainian visas on their travel documents got expired and suspected to be fake.

Far more disturbing, Police spokesperson disclosed that both substituted Ukrainian E visas and Chinese stamps were also suspected to have been altered.

Subsequently, Njie said the travel documents were handed over to the Police for further investigations. He then added that copies of their passports were sent to the Chinese embassy for verification.

“The Chinese Embassy verified the passports as authentic and returned them,” he said. But he was quick to indicate that there was another lying ahead of the trio as Brussels airline remained firm on their position, and made it clear that they can’t be allowed to travel.

As light appeared to be not visible at the end of the tunnel, the airline company finally agreed to allow them to return back to to Turkey, pending a thorough investigation about the authenticity of their passports.

“The Police investigation continues to look into the authenticity of the visas through the embassies,” Njie said.

Debunking the rumours that are being peddled in some quarters, Police spokesman said until their return toTurkey, the Chinese Muslims were not under detention but they were fully enjoying their rights to freedom of movement in the country…

Written by Abdoulie John

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