Gambia’s low IG “President” Adama Barrow has failed the nation once again. Barrow’s failure to reassure the nation in the wake of the recent national sea disaster that rocked the impoverished West African nation speaks volume of his ineptness as Commander-in-chief. Barrow is an accidental Gambian President. Each time, he is needed by the state during crisis, he is nowhere to be seen.

Given the global attention The Gambian boat accident in Mauritania had attracted, Barrow, who was expected to declare a national day of mourning for the departed souls, decided to continue with the misguided meet the farmers tour. He was in the coastal fishing village of Tanji, last night to address a political gathering. He only allocated what he calls “one-minute silence” to pay respect to the sixty-three Gambians, who died on sea on Wednesday in Mauritanian waters. Barrow then proceeded with his meeting.

Any responsible and sensible President would have suspended his tour until the bodies in Mauritania have been recovered and laid to rest. But for Barrow sadly, he thinks that he has no other alternative other than continuing with his meet the farmers tour.

The entire Gambian nation are in pain and despair. We expect Barrow to use the GRTS airwaves to address the nation. He should not stop at addressing the nation; he should also call for a national prayer vigil to save the nation from such deadly boat wrecks. Organizing an anti-backway protest march would help to raise the youths’ awareness on the dangers associated with such a perilous journey to Europe.

Barrow’s recent courting of the former ruling APRC base is also an affront to the nation’s national reconciliation program. This was the political party, whose leader Yahya Jammeh had been accused of rape, torture, and murder of perceived political opponents. Barrow wants to annex the APRC into his base just for the sole purpose of political expediency.

On Tuesday, Barrow held a meeting in the Fonis, the locality where dictator Jammeh hailed from. He extended an invitation to Jammeh to return home as a private citizen during his speech. He said Jammeh would be treated as a former President upon his return. But he had ruled out the possibilities of Jammeh ever becoming a President in The Gambia for the remainder of his life.

Barrow’s political marriage with the APRC is no longer a secret. Just recently, he was welcomed by Fabakary Tombong Jatta, the interim leader of the APRC, upon his return from his provincial meet the farmers tour. Jatta was accompanied by other officials of the APRC.

Prior to this, Fabakary Tombong Jatta, Ousman Jatta, AKA, Rambo, attacked Fatou Toufa Jallow, the Jammeh rape victim, the TRRC officials and the Janneh Commission during a recent political rally. Rambo also vowed in his speech that they were going to confront the three years jotna protesters; should they resort to destroying infrastructural structures built by Jammeh.

The European Union (EU) had today issued a statement expressing concern over what it called “the threatening and irresponsible statements” coming from Barrow’s new political friends—the APRC leadership.

Finally, we call on Barrow to execute his required constitutional responsibilities. We want to remind him about his campaign promise of stopping the backway syndrome if elected into office. Now, he is in office; 63 people have died on sea; eleven of them young Gambian women; yet he hasn’t accorded them a national day of mourning. Sad!

Barrow’s leadership had earned its fame through corruption, nepotism, and the total abandonment of our youth population. Keep in mind that corruption is a recipe for instability. Investing in our youths, means a strong saving for poor Gambia. The youths are the cream of society.  Only a failed and corrupt government would neglect the youths. We rest our case.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 919-749-6319

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